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Welcome to The Gallery! Hosted by Tara at Sticky Fingers, the theme this week is a memory.

I had a good trawl back through the old snaps and came up with this one from the bear at about 5 days old.

This isn’t just another ‘aah sleeping newborn’ photo.  This is the ‘we’ve made it on our first big trip’ photo.

My husband’s grandmother passed away five days before the bear was born.  We were devastated, and even more so because she was desperate for him to arrive – to meet him.  He came a month early, but just not quite early enough.

This photo was taken at my sister in laws house in Stoke, a few hours from us in Oxford, when we travelled up for the funeral with our newborn baby.

I remember packing the car up the night before; getting everything ready was a military operation.

I remember being secretly grateful of wearing black to disguise my post pregnancy lumps and bumps.

I remember the love and care my sister-in-law showered on us during a difficult time.

I remember the endless loving comments that having a brand new baby at a funeral helped to take away some of the sadness.

I remember trying to breast feed in a pub toilet.

I remember a learner driver crashing into husband in the car and him being grateful our son wasn’t in it at the time.

So, in this peaceful sleeping picture there are so many memories.

Looking forward to seeing what you all post too x



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  1. So so lovely. It’s amazing how such a simple photo to evoke so many vivid memories. x

  2. beautiful.

    I’ll give you a call later.xx

  3. What a beautiful photo filled with some many happy and sad memories. x

  4. Gorgeous photo with a mixed bag of emotional memories. My OH’s grumpy died a couple of months before B was born and I know his Mum is gutted that he never got to see his first grandchild’s first born.

  5. What a beautiful photo with a beautiful, if sad, story.

  6. what sad but happy memory. thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. This made me weep a little bit. My Gran died when I was heavily pregnant with my first and they wouldn’t let me fly for the funeral (she lived on the Isle-of-Man). It makes me so sad that she didn’t meet my children.
    Your photo is beautiful, I love that perfect little hand.

  8. It’s funny how it happens isn’t it? B’s beloved Granny died, ten days short of her 100th birthday, while we were trying to conceive. In fact, I was pretty convinced I was pregnant, and I remember sitting by her bedside wondering if I should tell her I thought I was – and deciding not too in case she got better and told everyone… I wish I had now. I did the test in the evening of the party we held on her birthday to celebrate her life. It was positive. L will never know her, but she does….

  9. what a lovely photo… sorry it is surrounded by sad events though x

  10. What a stunning picture and such sad memories, my Nanny died a week before my sister went to have my nephew as she was having a planned c section. We knew that my Nanny didn’t have long we had been told, and my sister knew what she was having but hadn’t told anyone and managed to tell Nanny before she died. However now my nephew is my Nanny everything about him is like her it is very bizarre! xx

  11. Gorgeous picture, C x A bittersweet story with lots of memories x

  12. How lovely and how sad at the same time. Beautiful pic tho – I love seeing newborns sleeping like that, not a care in the world, truly.

  13. Seeing that beautiful picture makes me feel broody and I’m old enough to know better! My lovely Grandpa died just two days before my first baby arrived, almost 30 years ago. Little Edward attended his funeral in his new Snugli baby sling and his presence lifted everyone’s spirits on such a sad day.

    • Am amazed how many people have experienced the same thing, it’s incredible.

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