Maybe I should have been a fashion designer…

August 25, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 5 Comments
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I recently declared the reasons I couldn’t be a pop star.  Don’t try to convince me – especially you Nickie, I can see an extremely embarrassing karaoke party on the cards if you have your way!

Anyway, after watching The September Issue last night about Anna Wintour and the biggest issue of Vogue, I decided I should have indeed been a major part of the fashion world.  Is that what happens when you hit your thirties; you talk about what you could or should have been? Oh no.

Vogue cover, May 1917 courtesy of Wikipedia.

Anyway, this new revelation has come about for several earth moving and deeply qualifying reasons.

– I really do like fashion.  A lot.

– I can shop on a budget (Primark) and pull together a decent enough outfit.

– If I suggest I want something not readily available on the high street (snow boots when it snowed for example), they then suddenly come back into fashion.  I also did this with dungarees, snoods and leg warmers.

– I think I’d have a knack for accessorising.

– I’d be really good at being driven around and stopping at Starbucks on the way (must try and like coffee).

Ugly Betty courtesy of

– I’d be like the new Ugly Betty; people would scoff at first, but then they’d like me, and gradually take me seriously.

– I wouldn’t mind accepting free clothes.  At all.

– I also feel I’d be quite good on a sewing machine and could whip up a pretty cool catwalk-worthy ensemble with some fabric from the local haberdashery, a few ribbons and some thread.

So there you have it.  Any fashionista types out there want to help me with my first step on the ladder do let me know if my calling is finally coming.



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  1. I love The September Issue! I don’t know how many times I saw it! And every time it just made me feel I could do anything!
    Good luck!

    • It’s great isn’t it!
      I should add a little nb that I am very happy in my current job but every girl is entitled to dream!!!

  2. Yes, since I hit my *ahem* mid-thirties, I mourn what could have been and what I’d have been fantastic at.

    I am liking the idea of free clothes. A lot! Can I be your PA and BFF please? I shall sing at you in my tea break too for entertainment 😉

    • Ooh I like the sound of a singing PA, you’re on, when can you start?!! My new big thing is going to be Barbour jackets – blue quilted ones for winter, watch this space!

      • Oh I have one of those somewhere! Probably at my dads.

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