Monday Review: Foodies Festival

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Well if your husband has to work on his birthday, there’s no point sitting at home with a party popper is there?!

So on Saturday Food Genie and I went to the Foodies Festival in South Parks Oxford.  We’re both really into all things food; I have my mum to thank for that, she brought us up on great home cooking and that coupled with holidays abroad have introduced us to every flavour under the sun – well almost, we did discover a few new ones this weekend.

And we were of course accompanied by the bear, who has a palette for pretty much anything and everything.  I should add now that he spent the entire day shouting ‘more cheese please’ after sampling the 18, 24 and 30 day aged (or month was it?) parmesan.

When we first arrived it looked quite small and many of the stalls were still setting up, but it quickly got busy and we got swept up into the hype of trying various sauces, sweets and treats.

Our favourite discovery of the day was black garlic.  It’s fermented over 40 days and the cloves within the bulb are pure black.  The garlic tastes sweet, sticky and slightly mushroomy.  Apparently you can eat as much as you like and won’t be breathing garlic breath on people.

We hadn’t realised when we arrived that we were supposed to pick up tickets to the shows we wanted to see.  We managed to squeeze in to the cupcake making session with Holly who declared that she’d put on three stone in a year since changing career from a governnment statistician to a cupcake maker.  Guess who enjoyed a huge cupcake smothered in icing?  Amazingly he wasn’t hyper afterwards.

We had paella for lunch which was nice; not the best but received little attention compared to the pink Cava we had with it at the press tent.

We continued our shopping after lunch, the bear still demanding more cheese.  We collected chorizo, cheeses and some other bits and pieces.

We also watched the filming of Monster Munchies hosted by Matt Dawson (who kindly autographed Food Genie’s program), as two teams went head to head with their giant trifles (the pretty but smaller one won).

Sure he’s had his ears pinned back…

The only thing I would have done away with was NPower asking who my gas and electricity was supplied by…a little random!  Oh and the wasps – couldn’t get near the baclava!

All in all a great day, with full bellies and plenty of new ingredients added to the store cupboard.

The Foodies Festival tickets were kindly sent to us as press tickets..  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.


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