I lead a double life…

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It’s no wonder there are never enough hours in the day; I’m leading a double life.

Now I don’t want to mislead loyal readers; those hungry for some Sunday night gossip – I’m afraid I’m not a spy, stripper or celebrity.  Nothing that glamorous.  But stick with me as many may find themselves in the same boat.

By day I run a small but succesful and growing PR agency called Publicity Oxford based just outside (surprise) Oxford.

Occasionally I mention that I’m a mum and have a two year old son, but only in the trusted company of others who I know are parents too.  It’s not that often I come across other mums running their own businesses when I go to networking things and corporate events.  I’ve learnt from experience that sadly some men in business glaze over and lose interest in you at the mention of the words ‘juggling work and a family’.  It’s like a disease.

Work mummy

Once at a networking group the organiser asked if I was interested in joining.  I explained that I was pregnant and he walked away without even saying a word.

By night I am Baby Genie; avid blogger, twitterer – and more than anything, I am the real me.  A homemaker, keen cook, gardener and fan of some pretty trashy TV from time to time.  I’m trying to go back to my roots and steadily moving from blonde to red.  I love to hoover, and when I’m tired or upset the house looks dirty.

Me, Mummy.

Recently there has started to be more cross over between day and night.  I’m arranging a blogger event for a holiday client.  I’m doing consultancy work for brands looking to learn how to effectively work with bloggers – or even talk to them for a start and not refer to their ‘website’, send them dull press releases or ask when their next issue is out.

So the two have started to collide, something I’ve always been really nervous of.

Why is that?  Because I don’t want ‘work’ people to know the real me?  Because I don’t feel I’ll be taken seriously?  Because I like to be completely me in private in my Baby Genie world and keep that separate from work?

In the age we live in where social media makes our lives incredibly public, where do you draw the line?  Do you really want clients to know what you’re having for dinner or that you had one to many glasses of that nice Shiraz last night?

How do you have a private life as someone who is obsessively blogging and tweeting, but protect your image at the same time, AND avoid living like a lune trying to squeeze it all in?

Is there an argument for being just one person online, or should a divide be kept in place between the two?

What are your experiences?  I’d be really interested to know.



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  1. At work I am my work me, I’m confident and good at my job. I’m a manager and even my husband’s manager but we don’t or try not to let our personal lives get mixed up or take work home with us but sometimes it does. At home I am wife, mummy and blogger. I’m sort of me but not quite. I was a lot more confident than I am now, since having my second child but I’ve changed. I like my life I just wish I felt happier about myself. I love my work but feel guilty about leaving the boys but know I’m a better mother for working. I appreciate my time with the boys. So I think the double life does mix, probably more so for me as I met my husband at work so it merged from the start. x

    • Do you tell work people that you blog? Do your friends know you’re on Twitter? Do you think your online life would in any way compromise your job? What would/does your boss think?
      Am really interested to know if people keep their online lives hidden away – and share themselves more with the friends they meet online.
      Thanks for posting hun x

  2. I’m a scientist at a pharmaceutical company, and I don’t tell people that I blog, though I would if they asked. Its a hobby more than anything. Some of my friends know and read, and some old co workers from previous jobs too, but most of my blog readers are ‘online friends’. It isn’t a secret, anyone who wanted to find my blog could, even though I do use a pseudonym. I just feel that it isn’t really relevant to my professional life. The two worlds are so separate. I don;t blog about science or research, that would be against company policy, so I’m comfortable with the two worlds being kept apart.

    • Thanks for posting, it’s really nice that you have a happy balance between the two.

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