The deepest thoughts of a two year old

September 16, 2010 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 6 Comments
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I hear by declare that two is the most fun age of a child I have experienced so far.

Time for a gushy mummy moment I’m afraid and a little look into the world and thoughts of a two year old.

Who ever invented slopes deserves a medal.

People pull the strangest faces at you when you have a painted face.  I like it.

You can get far more crisps into one hand than you’d imagine.  Put your hand in the bag quick and go for your life.

If you look up and out of your eyes you can pretty much get out of anything.  Even colouring in on the sofa with biro.

Mum will always win the battle over getting into the car seat or not.

I am allowed to play with the small clicky thing (mouse) but not the big sandwich thing with lots of teeny buttons (laptop).

I will save the fact that I know I can get out of my big boy bed on my own and come out onto the landing for a special surprise.

I think mummy thought it was funnier than me to fill grandads bed with all of the balls from the ball pool.

I absolutely 100% unequivocally deny hiding anything that belongs to you.  Or stealing food.  I put my breakfast plate back on the kitchen side for goodness sake.  And I say thank you.  What do you want, blood?!

Walking really slowly is not down to my age or ability, it is entertaining to me to see how long it takes to walk to the post office and back.  The ‘ooh stick’ and ‘ooh stones’ along the way help enormously with the delays.

If I cover my mouth when I cough, I get nodding approvals of admiration.  Then I wipe my hand on their leg when they’re not looking.

Those words you can’t understand when I say them aren’t real words at all, I just like seeing you try to figure them out.  You’re not failing as a parent do not worry, I am just very, very smart.

I do like to poo in a clean nappy.  I also like to be naked.  Any opportunity to get undressed again.

There is a reason I don’t let you go on my trampoline.  It was bought for me by Grandma and Grandad.  Not you.  You got your own birthday presents and I’m not allowed to play with them.

I do have to watch Chuggington after nursery.  You seem to have to watch Dragon’s Den and The Inbetweeners.  And I should add mine is far more educational and informative.

I will learn my colours when I’m good and ready.  For now I very much like orange and blue and everything will fall into one of the two categories.  Capiche?

I do know where my friends live and I will complain if we go past without stopping.  I would prefer it if you stopped.  If you don’t I will just make my own way there.

You seem to find it amusing to ask me to kiss people.  Especially small girls.  I have a sneaking suspicion that if I kiss this many girls in about 16 years time you may be less amused.



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  1. Haha, sounds like you have stolen a lot of Baby Boys thoughts too… althogh saying that there are a few there that might be my hubby!

    • Yes actually the crisps one and the slow walking could both by my hubby! Maybe he’s learning from his favourite role model!

  2. This is so funny. I think Bear has it down to a T. I know he sounds exactly like my two. x

    • He outsmarts me every day!!!

  3. Came over from the blog hop – so funny, especially loving the last one.

    • Thanks for coming over to say hi!

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