The dawn of the two-dress wedding

September 21, 2010 at 7:54 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 5 Comments
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We headed up north on Friday, leaving the bear with Grandma and Grandad for the weekend – for a grown up/no children wedding – something you savour for all that it is worth – the lie in, the peaceful hangover, the flamboyant non-fruit shoot stained dress.

But on the note of dresses, I came across a new phenomenon this weekend.  The two-dress wedding.

I chose a nice bright pink number by Closet, a new range at Dorothy Perkins, a complete bargain.

What I hadn’t factored in was that I should have actually been shopping for two frocks.

For come nightfall, half of the guests changed in to a second ensemble.  At first I thought it was the influx of B list evening-only guests.  But then I started to recognise faces; one eye-catching red-headed green-eyed girl I noticed had changed from a rose-bud adorned 50’s style number into a mint green floaty and flirty dance floor ready outfit.

It was a shame that my best friends’ dress twin hadn’t packed an evening outfit, typical.

Anyway, is this something you’ve come across?  It’s a new one on me!!  I shall remember it for future; but knowing my luck I’ll change into my evening attire, and no one else will; I’d feel like a right lemon.  Maybe it’s an oop North thing?

p.s. I found an incredible sense of rhythm I never knew I had at the bottom of a glass of rosé (or two).

p.p.s My iPhone battery ran out pretty early on hence no pictures of much other than flowers…also got busted checking Twitter from someone else’s phone…at a wedding…what a disgrace.



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  1. I have heard of people changing from day to evening outfits. Mainly if it is a wedding were all the guests are staying at the one location. But most commonly it’s the bride who changes from their day outfit to evening outfit. I never understood that, I would want to keep my dress on all day, in fact I made mine a two day wedding 😉

    • Actually at the same wedding a friend was saying that a friend of hers called her, and was on the sofa watching TV in her wedding dress!!!

  2. I have never come across this either

    • It’s funny isn’t it!! Any excuse to buy more dresses! I’m up for it!!

  3. Oh yes! Why oh why didnt the dress twin have a change of outfit…….. will haunt me for the rest of my days!!

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