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September 22, 2010 at 9:24 am | Posted in The Gallery | 6 Comments
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I’ve chosen this picture for The Gallery this week as it makes me feel really good about being a mum (how shameless!).

We got a bike and husband got me a seat for the back, and suddenly the world became our oyster.

When you work as well as being a mum, quality time is precious and you hear that constant nagging voice ‘you don’t do enough with your son’. It’s painful.

So now we have a bike we toddle off to the river to feed the ducks.  To the park or the post office.

I glanced over my shoulder at the bear whilst signalling right at a roundabout to see him copying; arm stretched out, perfectly straight and important looking.  My heart melted.



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  1. Whenever those guilty working mum voices get too loud, just look at this pic and remember that it’s quality, not quantity that counts.
    My Mum always worked full-time but it NEVER had a negative impact on us. I’m hoping the same is true for my Young’Un too.

    • Thanks for the comment hun, it’s a toughie isn’t it! You’re right about the quality, and when we’re together we do have lots of fun!

  2. Fab photo, I can’t wait until Zara is old enough to sit in a bike seat 🙂

  3. Being any sort of mum is hard, dont feel guilty you are doing what is best for your family. I love the smile

  4. Brilliant! SO cute! x

  5. Gorgeous photo x

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