Who is best, mummy or daddy.

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If a two year old could vote, which parent would they prefer?

If at the age of two, you asked them, who is best, mummy or daddy, what would they say?

The process of deliberation would probably go something like this.

Votes for mummy.

When I cry for real, mummy knows, and her arms are a million miles long when the wrap all around me.

When I do something I shouldn’t, mummy explains why without getting cross (most of the time).

When we sing together, mummy tries really, really hard, even though she’s awful.

When I see a monster in the bedroom, mummy shooos it away.

When I press all the buttons on the remote, mummy fixes the TV and we go and do something else instead.

When there are lots of other people at the party already, mummy holds my hand until I’m ready to go in.

When we do painting mummy shows me how to paint my hand and print it.

When we do baking together, mummy lets me make the kitchen really messy.  Which is very unlike her, but she knows I like it.

Mummy waits for me to collect stones from the driveway every morning even though ‘we are very late for nursery again’.

Votes for Daddy.

Daddy can do all of the things that mummy does.  But, when we have story time, Daddy can do every different voice you could ever, ever, ever imagine.

Mummys are brilliant; Daddys are the best.

Feel free to add the votes your toddler would cast.


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