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September 29, 2010 at 9:40 am | Posted in The Gallery | 8 Comments
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We are BIG foodies in this house, so when I hopped over to Sticky Fingers to post my last-minute gallery entry I was pretty damn pleased to see the topic was food.  And also pleased that I’ve also had breakfast and not hungry enough to go off in search of cake.

Here is my collection.

Cupcakes.  The trick is to get as much in as you can quickly before mummy thinking better of letting you have a whole one.

Bear’s 2nd birthday cake.  What is it about being a mum that makes you feel you have to learn to bake?  Have got some practice to do when it comes to icing.

We do eat normal meals too I swear…. messy but did they taste good!



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  1. OMG those tarts look good! (btw, I have the mini tart maker already…any other gizmo recommendations?!!!!)x

    • LOL a fellow tart shaper fan!!! I also love Lakeland’s jumbo icing nozzles. Do you have a magic butter cream icing recipe?!!! x

  2. I’m starving now. Cakes look great. x

  3. Oooh those cakes look so good – and I could murder a jam tart right now

  4. My icing skills need work too but hey, everyone likes the taste so not going to complain!

  5. mmm all looking very yummy!

    • Might have to do some baking with the bear on Friday – admit I picked up a packet mix for chocolate muffins at the supermarket, would normally do it from scratch but they looked so good!

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