Oh yes I just took the train, and the tube, with the buggy – on my own.

September 30, 2010 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 4 Comments
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We’re all guilty of keeping up appearances.  Come on admit it – putting on a front, eluding to a certain lifestyle, giving the right impression.

I think it happens a lot more so when we become parents, because we want to show we can cope.  And more than cope – do it in our stride – toss pancakes whilst applying lipstick.  Make homemade thank you cards whilst teaching our children to read.

We do it for our nearest and dearest too.  The people who know us best.  We don’t really have anything to prove – they love us unconditionally, but we still feel the need to do it.  Is it for praise? Adoration?  The thought that they will then tell their friends and family how amazing we are – in control, ‘earth mothers’.

Here are some of the things I am guilty of.

Putting my rollers in even to go to my parents, so people think I have time to do my hair (secret is, it takes 2 minutes to put them in while the bear is eating his cereal and I take them out in the car).

Growing vegetables.  I’ve found this really therapeutic over the summer and home-grown veg does taste 10 times better.  The real reward is serving dinner and slipping in to the conversation that the onions/courgettes/peppers/tomatoes/parsley are ‘from the garden’.  Delia eat your heart out.

Sending a picture hand crafted by the bear to friends after spending the weekend with them.  A) you’ve said thank you and B) your ever so cute 2-year-old has put his hand to it.  Where do you find the time?!!

‘Popping in’ to a friends for a cuppa, equipped with cupcakes that you just made with the toddler that morning.  God bless Lakeland’s jumbo icing nozzles and the batch of fairy cakes you made ages ago and froze for such occasions.

Going to London.  On your own, with your two-year old, on the train AND the tube, with buggy and a days worth of necessities to meet hubby at work to see ‘where daddy works’.  Oh yes this is the ultimate achievement.  Yes you got up damn early but you’ve arrived with said cute toddler, face and hair intact.  AND you are wearing heels.  Squeal.

What do you do to show that you’re a competent parent and why do you think we do it?  I am comfortable to admit that from time to time I need someone to say ‘you know what, you’re really good at being a mum’.  It helps doesn’t it.



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  1. ‘You know what, you really ARE good at being a mum’…

    …from someone who knows!!! x

    • Aah thanks!!!! You taught me well!!

  2. Your a fab mum!! I loved this post , Jon knows how much I love him but the I’m always constantly wanting to prove it even though I have nothing to prove!! Those cakes look fab , I am useless when it comes to icing them!

    • Aah thank you! Looking forward to seeing you next month!

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