Monday Review: Aunt Bessie’s Host a Roast

October 4, 2010 at 8:39 pm | Posted in Reviews | 5 Comments
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On Saturday night, me, him indoors and two of our closest friends dined in courtesy of Aunt Bessie.

It was for #hostaroast, a little campaign to prove to people like me that sometimes it’s ok to cut the odd corner.  Full marks for John the nice PR chappy for an email discussion spanning about two weeks which eventually saw me persuaded to take part.

Because, the thing is I like to cook.  The only things I don’t make from scratch are fish fingers and baked beans (ok, ok, and quite a few other things.  But I like to create in the kitchen ok).  I finally mastered the art of making Yorkshire’s recently so doing it the easy way seemed like cheating.

Anyhooo we agreed to give it a go after John shared amusing facts such as – did you know Aunt Bessie’s was originally started in the seventies to supply Butlins holiday camps? No, me either.

Aunt Bessie’s also have an amazing competition running to win an £8000 Ikea kitchen, which I almost didn’t want to tell you about.  May the small redheaded best person win.

On to the meal.

Being a blogger has turned me in to a complete nerd.

I was excited about the roasties, as I love a good roast potato and they didn’t disappoint. They’re also a bargain £1 a bag in Tesco at the moment.  I confess to adding a teeny bit of salt.

The stuffing looked grey and decidedly unappetising but tasted wonderful.

The Yorkies were great, do what they say on the tin – I had to guard my plate to ward of hungry boys who thought two each was nowhere near enough.

I did provide a roast chicken too – they’re just not very photogenic.

The parsnips are honey glazed, but being frozen looked a little odd with their waxy coating.  However as the honey melted you could see that they were actually vegetables.  I did have to drain some of the honey off as they were swimming a little and at risk of going soggy.  They tasted divine.

All in all, a very successful evening…

Husband and guests all agreed the food was really nice.  Husband felt the tatties were a little dry and manufactured tasting, but apart from that was very happy.

As for the cutting corners part – I sat with my friend and put the world to rights over a nice glass of rosé after the chicken went in rather than par boiling spuds and slicing veg.  Can’t complain at that.

I’m not certain I’d buy the products again because I really like preparing what I eat, but for a quick and easy roast, this is definitely the answer.  We had fun, enjoyed good food, and I know what my friend is doing in her life rather than being stuck in the kitchen for half the evening.

We received £5 in vouchers from Aunt Bessies for our Host a Roast.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.



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  1. They are always handy to keep in the freezer for those days when you forget to do the spuds… or the yorkshires….

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Great review on #hostaroast I loved the fact I had time to do other things. I love Aunt Bessie x

    • Looks like the favourite Aunt has some new fans!

  3. Never tried Aunt Bessies but you have tempted me to try. Might try with a nice Lamb Chop. Yum Yum

    • Definitely worth a try, and I was really impressed with the prices too!

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