The Gallery: Here come the girls

October 6, 2010 at 9:29 am | Posted in The Gallery | 15 Comments
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I was really excited about The Gallery challenge this week, as I talk about my family here but haven’t really shown off my wonderful mum as yet.

So, here come the girls!

My mum aged 18.

My mum with her mum in 1972.

My mum is pretty special and as I grow up I find that each day I’ve adopted another of her values or traits. Whether it’s recycling absolutely everything or home cooking from the growing collection of recipes books. We both like to shop and hide our purchases from our husbands.  We both enjoy a glass of red wine. Like her, I am becoming a terrible hoarder.

My mum has brought me up to be creative, passionate, hard working and honest. In turn I will do that for my children.

Thanks mum.



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  1. And she’s beautiful too!

    • She is isn’t she! She’s a regular reader so will be delighted to see the comments!

  2. aw that is so lovely – wish I had a relationship like that with my mum xx

  3. Such a lovely tribute to your Mum and beautiful photos.

  4. Lovely pics, I love looking at pics of my mum when she was young. I think all women hide their purchases from their OH’s lol.. 😉

    • Me too, she’s really glam! Reminds me of Princess Di in some pictures

  5. She is lovely. I wish I had that kind of relationship with my mum. x

  6. Oh wow, I LOVE that photo of your mum. Just love old photos, they’re so filled with stories and emotion x

  7. Wow, she’s gorgeous! S x

  8. She is stunning and what a great tribute to her lovely x

  9. Forty years on I am thrilled by these comments….thank you all!

    • AND – I was looking at your bum today on the way back from the post office, and it’s tiny!! You’ve still got it!!!! xx

  10. Your mum is gorgeous! You look just like her! I love seeing black and white photos they seem so much more ‘real’! Is she who you get your red hair from?

    • Thank you she is isn’t she! I’m actually a lot more like my Dad and his side, the red hair comes from there – and the Scottish roots!

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