How much food do you waste?!

October 8, 2010 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Foodie Stuff | 6 Comments
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I don’t know about you, but over here in Little Abingdon, we’ve just had our new wheelie bins – and the first collection was today – how exciting!  No, really I was actually looking forward to putting them out for the first time.  What is wrong with me?!

Anyway, I fought my way out of Abingdon to get to my parents house, the roads littered with big grey bins and little green food caddies.  Pink sacks for those in flats bearing their contents, strewn across the pavements after a night of nosey foxes, cats and rats investigated the contents.

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

I’m all for the new system I have to say.  I did have to do a little DIY with my hammer to make the bins fit in our outside cupboard, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We’ve always been big recyclers in this house, but having the big green bin to chuck everything in is even better because we don’t have to trudge to the collection bins at Tesco with the soft plastic and cardboard.

What’s shocked me more than anything is how much food waste we throw away.  We filled the little indoor caddy in less than a week!  That was a real shock.  And, we compost all our fruit and veg, so that was purely food.  Home cooked, lovingly prepared, wasted food.

Toast crusts, plate scrapings, left overs gone bad – mainly the bear’s left overs that he’s got bored of eating half way through.  I kept seeing the big chicken carcass in there too and cursing myself for not making stock for soup (hark at me trying to sound like an earth mother – although I do sometimes make stock – honest!).

Image courtesy of Green OWU.

So, I’m making a big effort to waste less.  Anyone with me?



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  1. We are great recyclers here and regularly though out more recycling than rubbish, in fact we had 4 bags of recycling this week. Menu planning made a big difference to our food wastage

    • I think I need to try and get more organised with our weekly shop. I have a rough idea of what we’re having and when, but could do meals where part of the meat makes the following nights dinner etc.
      I think Bear would eat more if there were less distractions over lunch and dinner time so may try and make meal times more calm – if there is such a thing!

  2. I recycle a lot. I would recycle more if they emptied my bin more than once a fortnight. I will try to throw away less food. Great post. x

    • Our recycling bin is full after a week!

  3. You must go and check out Karen Cannard’s blog The Rubbish Diet, she’s been slimming her bin for years with great results.

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