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October 13, 2010 at 8:47 am | Posted in The Gallery | 18 Comments
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A real toughie from Tara at The Gallery this week; a big favourite of mine is the snap my friend managed to catch of my first kiss with my now husband.  We’re both smiling, excited about the potential relationship about to begin.

But now, having a child, my favourite photo reflects the adventure that relationship developed into.

So I’ve chosen this one of my husband and our son as a newborn.

Were they ever really that tiny?!



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  1. Beautiful 🙂
    There is something lovely about a daddy holding his new baby isn’t there?

    • I know, to this day bear loves Daddy cuddles because his arms are so much bigger and stronger!

  2. Lovely 🙂
    I have a similar one of The Mr & Dylan, and I’m the same – have trouble remembering the little monster ever being *that* little.

    • He was so tiny! I think he was about 5lb 9oz here, because he dropped quite alot

  3. Brill pic, so sweet!

  4. That’s such a lovely photo- you can see all the love in the way he’s holding your boy. x

    • You just made me cry!!! Tissues!

  5. Beautiful picture! Daddy’s seem to become softies from that very first cry in the delivery room!

  6. Stop it! I’m too old to be getting broody. But, oh that lovely tiny baby…

    • Ah thank you – am broody for number two!

  7. Gorgeous picture. There is something sweet about daddys with their little ones. x

  8. Aww, he’s so small. Want! x

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo!

  10. Oh sniff….they look soooooooo tiny as wee newborns don’t they. Weep. This is GORGEOUS. Love it.

    Judge Spud xx

    • Thank you, nice to meet you over here too! x

  11. Awww!! I always wonder that myself.. I look at Oli now and cant believe that he once fitted into my arms! Lovely photo of your Husband & Bear!!! 🙂 x

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