The Monday Review: Happy Hopperz

October 18, 2010 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Reviews, Toys & Books | 6 Comments
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I visited the Baby Show for Trade last week wearing both my PR and mummy blogger hats and met some really exciting people and brands.

One company I met with was HappyHopperz; I had to stop after the big squashy cows, dogs and horses caught my eye; you couldn’t miss them!

HappyHopperz are based on the popular space hopper concept – but with a great twist.  Because they’re animal shaped with four legs, they are far easy to bounce on for toddlers.

I proudly carted home a bull blue who is now called Brian.

I love it when children know what to do with a toy as soon as they see it.  We could hardly get Brian inflated before bear was on board and hopping across the lounge, holding on to his ears and mooing with delight.

As the picture illustrates, someone was a little reluctant to say goodbye to Brian at bedtime.  Brian also had dinner with us and read books with us – he is now a fully fledged part of the family.

The HappyHopperz cost £21.99 + P&P and make the ideal gift for a toddler.  Happy shopping!

Brian was kindly sent to us to review by HappyHopperz.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.



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  1. My little one would love one of these. Please remind me to add it to his xmas list. x

    • They are brilliant! Do you have the gifts app for iPhone? Am using that to plan my Christmas shopping! x

  2. So cute!! Lately I keep catching Boo bouncing on the slightly-deflated-party-balloon still in our living room, so this would be an immense improvement!

    • Definitely, and pretty sure you couldn’t pop one of these if you tried!

  3. They are FABAROONI!
    Managed to get a cow for my daughter from! The cows are rare but they had a few in stock here 🙂 Can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning

    • They’re brilliant aren’t they, bear loves it, always bouncing around on it!

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