20% of children have never climbed a tree…

October 24, 2010 at 3:26 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Days Out | 5 Comments
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It’s a sad fact.

Almost as sad as the fact that 64% of children play outside less than once a week.

Or nearly as depressing as the 21% who’ve never been to a farm.

Where are we living?! It’s not a war zone (touch wood, heaven forbid, glass half full and all that).  There isn’t a plague!

These statistics come from a survey of 2000 8-12 year olds conducted by TV channel Eden which was written about in The Guardian in the summer.

So as we enter into half term what will your children be doing?  Playing XBox (is that still a good games console?!), moping around, sulking? I don’t know – we’re yet to hit these traumatic times lying in wait for us.  Currently our 2-year-old would bounce on the trampoline in arctic conditions.  He’d run up and down slopes until the cows came home (and yes he’s seen a real cow, on a real farm where actual animals live); and he’d merrily trudge along a long country lane in search of spiders, birds, more slopes, stones and of course tractors on a Sunday afternoon (maybe on the promise of more bouncing).

Learning that goats are sneaky.

So what happens between 8 and 12?! Do children suddenly refuse to come out of their bedrooms?! Do they all have ‘s ASBO’s and curfews already?! Do parents turn into hermits, unable to take their children outside?  Are they allergic to fresh air?!

I would really like to know.  And I hope some of them give their children a little bit of the good life that we used to enjoy when we were small this half term.

Anyone want to build a den?!


p.s. Apparently more children are admitted to hospital having fallen out of bed rather than falling out of a tree.  And more children can identify a Dalek than an owl.



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  1. Those statistics are shocking! Our son is only 16 months and has been to 5 different farms already. (One was Jimmys Farm in Essex which is a long drive from where we live in Suffolk!)
    As a child my parents would take us to a farm at least twice in the summer as well as Safari Parks etc.
    I wonder if parents find farms less attractive than Safari Parks and Wildlife Parks. For some people I guess lions are more exciting than cows but still I think its important for my son to appreciate farmyard animals as much as animals found in zoos.
    Infact thinking about our other mummy and baby friends, they are all yet to visit a farm as they have all opted for zoos!

    • They are aren’t they! Bear is just over two and we must have been to different farms 20 times.
      It’s the country walks and playing outdoors as well. I know we’re not lucky to have year round sunshine but wrap up warm for god sake people and get out there!!!

  2. […] on from my post about a generation of stay inside children, apparently a third of parents think taking part in games and activities with their children is […]

  3. You inspired me bu this to actually allow my boys some time outside on their own last week. I am happy to knowe that both my boys do climb trees!

    • I can’t wait until bear is old enough to go and explore and climb trees, it’s a real shame that we have to be so cautious letting them go. Glad I inspired you, that’s really nice to know xx

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