Tonight I had a bath

October 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Work & Life | 1 Comment
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Yes, tonight I had a bath.

Don’t get me wrong, I do wash on a daily basis, but tonight was different.

I didn’t just hop in and out, I lounged in the bath.  For ages.

I exfoliated, scrubbed, massaged, soaked….ok maybe too much detail – but I full on lazed in the bath tub.  It was heaven.

Also this week, I went for a run.  Not just a one-off faddy run, I went for a decent run on Monday – and then I only went again today! I know! I even timed myself and shaved a minute off my first attempt.  Any marathons coming up?!

In about 10 minutes I am going to watch The Apprentice, from start to finish.  And I’m going to watch You’re Fired afterwards.  I’m going to switch off my computer at 8.59pm and not switch it back on.  I’m just going to sit.  And watch the box.


This might sound like trivial waffle but actually to me, today I feel I’ve reached a little marker point.  I’ve reached the stage where I am getting some time back.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not an overworked, highly stressed, fragile to breaking point mother who never takes a breath.  I’m organised to the point of OCD and always have been, so I enjoy being busy – I like to have a dozen projects and I can’t say no to new opportunities.  I even considered a sub blog project today – about housework – I know not one of my better ideas.

I hadn’t been running since before the bear was born which was over two years ago.  Ok, I went once when he was 5 weeks old and thought better of it.  Things were wobbling around far too much thank you.

I love to run.  I have ever been known to sprint the last stretch back to the house, arms outstretched, brushing along the hedge singing to White Snake.  Did I actually tell you that?

And of course I love a long hot bath and some time on the sofa in front of the goggle box.

So today my friends has been a mini milestone – I’ve earned back some me time.  And I kinda like it.


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  1. Ahh some me time, sounds good. Enjoy xx

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