Please say I’m organised not neurotic…

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In my day job I manage people’s reputations and help to ensure that people think positive things about them.  I enjoy the buzz of helping good word of mouth to spread.

In my personal life I’m more for just being happy and getting on with things than worrying what people think of me.  I did far too much of that when I was younger.

If I like something I’ll buy it.  I don’t mind what the label says.  I’m a bag holder at Alton Towers; I couldn’t give a hoot if people think I’m a wimp.

Sometimes though I wonder how other people see me.  We never ask do we? Excuse me best friend, do you think I’m a bore?!  So this is a kind of informal Friday evening meme.

How do you hope people would and wouldn’t describe you?  I’ll start…

I’d like to be known as….

Down to earth



I’d rather not be known as…


Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Or obsessive

Or as a know it all.


Over to you then, spend a minute thinking about it and post yours in the comments!



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  1. oohhh I’m not sure what I am…

    At work I’m Mrs Organised – I run the office with precision and a bit of OCD. At home I’m totally unorganised when it comes to paying the bills and a bit slovenly when it comes to tidying up but I’m probably over-strict with the kids.

    I’d like people to see the real me – friendly, sensitive, caring, a bit loopy, always with an ear to listen but I know that doesn’t necessarily come over online. I do know that my real friends know the real me – those are the people I cherish dearly.

    • This is going to be a really interesting post – I hadn’t thought about it from an online perspective – because we must make quite funny judgements having never met a lot of our blogger friends online.
      I would say that you come across as very clever, organised, savvy and musical! LOL!!

  2. I don’t think your boring! I will give you my response in a blog post though! Will tell you the link soon!

    • Aah thank you! I’m the host not the party animal – I like to make nice food, lay it out in pretty bowls and put on those little extras – fancy napkins, good music, party games….that’s just me!! Oh and I LOVE doilies!!!
      Excited about the blog post!

  3. great post

    i’d like to be seen as: (which is i hope i am)


    I’d not like to be seen as:


    My friends online and my ‘real’ friends should know me becuase i am how i am online as i am normally 😀 xx

  4. Ohooooo interesting. I remember when I worked abroad, doing a team exercise where we wrote some characteristics about ourselves and our colleagues did the same about what we thought about each other too. Amazingly there were not many matches, hence interesting that what we think about ourselves is not necessarily what others think of us. Was a really good team building exercise by the way.

    I would like to be known as, and think I am warm, creative, affectionate,generous,loyal, fun loving, sensitive.

    I am not sure I would like to be thought of, and don’t think I am, as mean, cold, perhaps boring, but think there are worse things, hmmmmm maybe as a show off.

    Sometimes perhaps it is better that we don’t tell people what we really think, perhaps ;0) xx

    • It is really interesting. I can imagine there weren’t many matches, I think I’m too scared to know what other people think!

  5. I think we have similar views, I am am definitely organized and NOT neurotic 😀

    • There’s a fine line isn’t there! Some days I teeter between the two!

  6. In work I’m very organised and have to be in control of everything. I have a great memory and I’m good at managing people. At home, I also like to be organised and everything to be sorted. But not in at ott way. I’d like to be know as kind, helpful, warm, loveable and nice.
    I’d hate to be known as cold, selfish, two faced and nasty.

    Interesting post.

    I think you are lovely and friendly. x

    • Aah ditto; it’s amazing how friendships can build up online too – you are so approachable, supportive, giving and selfless. I’m sure everyone who meets you warms to you.

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