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November 4, 2010 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 9 Comments
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“What is it, what’s it called, that Baby Genie thing you do?”

“I never knew you did that, what’s that all about then?”

“In the local newspaper again Miss, saw you talking about being a mum again, never out of that paper you!”

“What’s a blog?”

Come on, don’t be shy

It’s funny really isn’t it.  It’s not like I have some weird obsession or addiction that I have to keep hidden away like wine bottles or bookie receipts.  It’s not as though I’m ashamed of it like habit that has to be fed or anything.  If I don’t do it I don’t get the shakes or anything….yet.

So why is that when people say ‘what’s that blog of yours all about then?”, that makes you feel you have to defend it.  You come over a little quivery and nervous, feeling you have to justify your hobby.

Nothing in particular prompted this post; I’d just written a little note for myself titled ‘why I blog’.  I wasn’t sure why I’d written it or what for, so I started an aimless post and this is where it’s gone.

So to try and do my note justice (which like many notes, the meaning of which has vanished into a vault that makes me screw up my eyes in despair to try and recall) – here is the reason I blog.

Because I love to write as me.  Every single person on this planet has an incredible life.  Some of it is bring out the marching band type good.  Some of it is more walk slowly in a procession type way sad.  Other parts of it are fight mortal combat style aggressive and madenning to the back teeth.

All of it important enough to share with others.  And worthy of support, opinion, laughter and tears.

Which brings me back to the “so what is a blog” type question.

Because maybe the reason we love to blog is because we are part of a big community that loves it too.  And we all get it.  We get the need to share, receive feedback and promote the value of our daily lives.

Let’s not forget that, because it’s flippin’ important to have people that get you in the grand scheme of things.  Right?


Oh and I shall be vented unhindered between 9.55am and 10am on a daily basis, so can I please have a little privacy.


Only joking.



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  1. I am not sure about letting more people know of my blog. It is my little space, my place and you guys all understand. Love the picture

  2. What a great post. You look gorgeous as always in your photo. I love my blog, it’s fun and it’s mine. My friends don’t really understand it, some read some don’t. But my cyberfriends do and that’s all that matters. x

  3. Brilliant post! And so true. I have written a ‘mummy/baby blog’ but, like you say, feel I need to defend it therefore have never published it or let anyone read it.
    Plus I think 0 people will read it as 0 people will be interested.
    I absolutely love your blog!

  4. So so true. It does make you become all nervous when someone asks about it and you feel you have to defend your hobby. I think it’s because lots of people don’t understand blogging, but when you think about it – writing about your life on the internet – it is a little bit bonkers! 😉 Gorgeous photo.

    • It is a little bonkers! I do wonder what I did before I blogged!

  5. Oh what a great post, I love your description of the different forms life takes. I love blogging. If you took it away tomorrow I would live but I would lose something so important to me, a record of my life, a way of coping, my way of knowing I am not alone in this. How do people without a blog cope?

    That said I have not told many ‘real life’ people at all. I just don’t know how to explain it to them.

    • I haven’t told many I get all embarassed, stupid really!

  6. Ooh exactly how I feel. I am gradually collecting more reasons that sort of explain it to people. I wrote about it making me happy a few weeks back – you might be interested in some more ammunition?
    Thanks for popping in to my gallery entry last week, I will be back 🙂

  7. […] post has been inspired by Baby Genie’s post My name is Catherine and I write a blog, which quite rightly points out that many of us get nervous, and feel defensive, when people ask us […]

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