CyberMummy ’11 is coming!!!

November 9, 2010 at 8:31 am | Posted in CyberMummy, Daily Life | 5 Comments
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You will no doubt have read the exciting news that plans for CyberMummy 2011 are underway and the date is 25th June!

If you haven’t already, check out the CyberMummy blog.  If you didn’t make it last year, don’t miss this year – it’s a hoot – check out my blog about the 2010 goings on!

If you’re looking for a sponsor the best person to speak to is the lady who can and organiser Sian at Mummy Tips.

I can’t wait.  Small note to self; be less overwhelmed and jittery and try talking to people and remembering their names.  I finally met the gorgeous Susan K Mann in person this year, which made my day.

If you didn’t come this time expect blogger education sessions, freebies galore, a nice buffet lunch, and most importantly the chance to meet all those people you know and love – but have never actually squealed at and hugged in person.



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  1. I missed out this year and have been kicking myself ever since! There was no way that I was missing out next year! I’ve booked my ticket so I’ll see you there!! *squeal*

  2. Meeting you last year was one of my hightlights of the year. It was amazing to meet you. You are just as sweet and lovely in real life. I loved visiting and being in London for the first time too. I’m definetly going back next year. x

    • And it was my highlight too! See you at Cybermummy 2011 – unless we manage to make it to your neck of the woods first!

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