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November 10, 2010 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Daily Life, The Gallery | 8 Comments
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A really lovely theme for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week – and at risk of sounding old and fuddy, hasn’t this Autumn been absolutely and incredibly gorgeous?! I’ve never seen anything like it – the streets have really looked like they are lined with gold.

I’ve chosen a picture from this time last year; a family day out with my cousins in Stoke Newington in London.  It’s one part of London that I’d choose to live in.  Stunning park, shops to die for and lots of nice places to eat.  It has a really cosmopolitan feel to it.

It was cold and blustery, but a dry day.  We played around in the leaves, bear was in up to his knees.  We looked like something out of a Next commercial.

I sunburn easily so I’m quite partial to the wintery months.  I revelled in the snow saga, digging out my car was far too exciting.

Autumn is quite underrated in my humble leafy opinion.



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  1. It has been a gorgeous autumn! x

  2. What a great photo, bear looks so cute. A true Autumn day. x

  3. I bet he was having a ball in all those leaves! Lovely shot!

  4. wow, that is a LOT of leaves 🙂 lovely photo

  5. man, that looks like the alley between our house and the garage – its up to MY waist out there and as you know, I’m not a short woman!

  6. Love that photo. How did you get him out???

    • He surprisingly found his way in, and back out again!!

  7. Ooh to be thigh deep in leaves. He looks like he is enjoying it so much.

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