The Gallery: one and the same

November 18, 2010 at 9:14 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 4 Comments
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I’m late, I know – but I couldn’t miss out.

They say all babies look more like their dads as newborns – it goes back to caveman days – children looked like their fathers at birth because in those days things were a little more free and easy.  Of course you couldn’t just go on the Jeremy Kyle Show and request a DNA test – a baby looked like his daddy so daddy knew to care for him and not club him over the head.

So that’s the theme for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers this week – before and after.  And there’s a very cool prize on offer – a book from online printsperts Blurb.  We did our wedding album with them and it’s stunning – taking pride of place on the coffee table.

So here, two pictures, one of me, one of the bear.  The likeness isn’t instantly obvious but day by day he is becoming more and more like me.  There is simply not a better feeling in this world than your child looking like you.

We’re both red heads with very independent streaks.  I have brown eyes, he has blue.  We love to paint, play, climb, build, bake and laugh.  I wonder how much personality fits inside someone so small.



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  1. Lovely pictures. I wish my 2 looked more like me but they definitely are their daddies double!

    • Bear always looked like his daddy, for a long time, now he looks more like me yey!!

  2. Wow what gorgeous pictures and you can see that bear is definetly like his mummy. Both cute and adorable. x

  3. wow!!!!!!! -HMx

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