The Gallery: Black and White

November 24, 2010 at 2:13 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 11 Comments
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Another week gone, where do they go….what did I promise myself that I’d do this week and haven’t?!

Welcome to The Gallery at Sticky Fingers.

I like the theme black and white.  It means magic, to do lists, the Sunday papers, and snow!!

Ok, so you might class this as blue and white, but hey…..

It amazes me every time it snows that we just cannot cope… It’s soft and white and we’ve seen it before, so why can’t we seem to operate without panic buying bread and milk and calling in sick because the car is stuck on the drive.

Ok so I admit I bought a few extra loaves of bread last time it snowed, but I just got caught up in the frenzy at Tesco and before you know it I was buying tinned vegetables too.  I never by tinned veg.

So, I did dig my car out.  Bear sat on the passenger seat for moral support.  And we dug it out, bear went to nursery and I went to work, same as any day.

So, if it snows again this winter, and you’re usually a wendy, wrap up warm, invest in a pair of snow boots like I did and get your shovel out.



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  1. I love the snow. I have my sledge at the ready. There’s always something to eat as long as you don’t eat yellow snow 🙂

  2. Oh I love it, I was looking at the pic before I read the post and had no idea what it was lol.. I love tattoos and have two myself although one I want covered with something new but ideas and money is stopping it xx

  3. why is this a different pic to what was emailed to me?? confused

    • LOL it was bet you were confused!!! I wrote it posted it then completely changed my mind!!!!

      • hehe.. i clicked on the link in the email to post my comment. anyone else reading this will wonder whay the hel lim talking about lol x

      • Oh well, a bit of mystery! Decided to keep bears real name a secret after all!!

  4. You completely confused me there?! Two posts for the price of one – I likey! x

    • Sorry about that – I should lie and say I planned it!!!! Just had a change of mind at the last minute, nothing new there!

  5. It always astounds me too. MadDad just kept on going too, but sometimes our village does get snowed in. I am taking mum shopping tomorrow and will buy some extra milk to freeze just in case!

  6. ha ha – we’ve got all this to come again soon… the world stops when we get snow, but i love it because it means snow angels, and being a kid again 🙂

  7. Fab take on the Black & White theme! I can’t believe you dug yourself out and carried on as normal! There seems to be so much snow! Real determination, that one! Well done you!

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