How life was PT (pre Twitter)

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This time in 2008, pre Twitter an average day went something like this….

I got up, tired, got the bear dressed, did chores and went off to swimming or messy play.

I went to my mum and dads for lunch and a catch up.

I came home did a few more chores and gave the bear his tea.

Daddy got home, bathed bear while I dug out a recipe and cooked dinner.

We ate, chatted and watched some trash on TV.

Now in 2010….

I get up, tweet to say good morning, get me and the bear dressed, tweet that he’s refusing his breakfast and get some advice on teething two year olds.  I clean the kitchen up, tweeting Method that I love their products; they kindly send me their newest laundry liquid to review.

We head off to a play centre recommended by a local blogger on Twitter. I tweet that we’ve only just arrived and I already have a stinky nappy to contend with.  I question how interested people are in my life, especially nappy tales but shrug it off and tweet a few pictures of bear balancing precariously on top of a foam tower he’s created.

I get in the car to go to my parents and check my latest blog comments and retweet the competition I’m running, plus reply to a few other entertaining tweets.  Amazing how many people are at soft play on a wet Friday morning.  No one replied to the nappy update.

Get to parents, no phone signal, sneak onto the computer to log on to Hootsuite to see what I’m missing.

Tell parents about so and so on Twitter who is moving house with seven children AND baked a cake for her new neighbours in between loading the removal van.  Oh and the girl who has just bumped into Gary Barlow in Sainsbury’s.  ‘Which friends are these?!‘ they ask ‘my Twitter friends’ I remind them.  My mum, a blogger herself and Twitter convert, beginning on the journey I am well travelled in.

Home and try and block out Twitter for a little quality time with the bear.  Brain feels a bit overloaded with all the stories I’ve read during the day, things I need and want to do, things that need to go on the shopping list, and things that I need to put on my work to do list – which by the way is probably Twitter related because my PR job involves a lot of Twitter training for clients too.  Yikes, it’s really bad isn’t it.

Daddy gets home and takes over, quick check, what have I missed on Twitter.

Google some ideas for dinner and ask on Twitter what I can do with some lamb mince, a courgette and a bit of creme fraiche.  Inspiration provided from the cooking types on Twitter, and dinner is on.  Over to Google Reader to  catch up on some blogs.

Dinner. iPhone banned from the table.

To the sofa for TV, tweeting about what we’re watching.  Husband scowling a little.  Inadvertently offend Sarah Beeny by suggesting she should get her roots done, to which she replies and said she would if she didn’t have four children or filming every day.  The guilt.  Me and my big mouth.

Sometimes my brain feels completely ready to burst.  Sometimes I screw my eyes up because it just won’t all fit it.  How much spare space must there have been in there pre Twitter?!

I adore Twitter, it’s like a constant chatty companion.  Some of the opportunities I’ve come by because of Twitter have been wonderful – a great media opportunity via @livingwithkids, a perfect hotel through @littleacceb.

Because of this though, you never want to miss a beat.  What might you miss?!  Sometimes though you do have to wave the little bird goodbye and live life.

It’s all about balance.  She says, off to check what people think will go on X Factor tonight via the #xfactor hashtag…..crumbs maybe I need to get a grip….


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  1. Dear fellow addict.

    You were right Sarah Beeny does need her roots doing.

    Love mum of 4, social media addict, PR and CyberMummy founder.

  2. You have so described what I was trying to say in my post on Friday. Twitter has become part of every day life now. I am lost without it! 😦

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Catherine Warrilow, (mostly) yummy mummy. (mostly) yummy mummy said: RT @Baby_Genie: What was your day to day life like PT (pre Twitter)? […]

  4. I’m a total twitter addict. Don’t think I could live without it 😦

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