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December 13, 2010 at 7:24 pm | Posted in Reviews | 2 Comments
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I recently discovered Kiddiebase after seeing an ad for them in a trade magazine – my PR spider senses alerted, I dropped them a note to say hi and welcome to the wonderful world of mummy bloggers.

And what a lovely lady I happened upon.  Truthfully.  She is not paying me to say nice things.

Although she did invite us to test out their personal shopper service.  What a genius idea – bored of Christmas shopping, always leave your own sprogletts until last and run out of imaginative ideas?

Tell Kiddibase a little bit about your nipper – sure you can leave out the fact that they wipe their bogey nose on your shoulder or frequently drop your Mac mascara down the toilet.    Actually, they are clever folk so may even have an appropriate toy – a fishing rod maybe.

Anyway, we told them all about our little two-year old adventurer, not so good at colours, good at numbers, lover of bugs, trucks, trains and planes and they came up with an amazing list of age and ability suited products.  I felt touched almost, it was that personalised.

We chose something we’ve decided to use as a trade in for the dummy.  Santa is coming to take the dummies at Christmas to give to new babies, and he might just leave this as a gift in return.

Behold the Triceratops Dinosaur Lamp. Kiddiebase stocks products from a range of different suppliers, bringing together a really nice mix of different, more unusual toys and games.

The RRP for the dinosaur lamp is £19.99 and it looks incredible.  We were slightly flummoxed by the ‘fun and easy to build’ strap line combined with the eight page instructions.  Me and my engineering type Dad who knows how to fix something just by looking at it for a second caved after about an hour.  My mum cracked it with a mum-dad team combo effort later that evening.  It was more than worth it.

The site is brilliant – if I’m completely honest I don’t think the site design does the incredible selection of lovely toys justice.  The homepage could be a really yummy showcase for their finest wares.

Initially I also found the checkout hard to find but it was just further down the screen so just me being slightly simple.

I’d highly recommend Kiddiebase and they’re hugely active on Twitter too so do get to know them – and ask for their personal shopper service – it’s five star!

Our dinosaur lamp was kindly sent to us by Kiddiebase.  We stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that we truly, truly love.




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  2. I love Kiddiebase they are the best. I did a review on them and on a wooden clock which was awesome. You need to get it for bear when he’s older. x

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