Have you made a New Years resolution?

December 23, 2010 at 10:41 am | Posted in Christmas, Daily Life | Leave a comment
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It’s getting towards that time – regretting not decorating the lounge, cursing the wasted money on the gym membership, still not managing to cut out the glass of wine with dinner….

Apparently January is the worst time in the world to make a resolution, because we just set ourselves up to fail.  It’s cold, we’ve got post Christmas blues and really, the thought of hopping on a treadmill or going on a lettuce leaf diet are soul destroyingly depressing.

However.  I like a list.  And it’s always good to have objectives.

So, come January my resolutions are to:

1. Halve the amount I drink each week.  I don’t binge, but I do very much look forward to a glass of red with dinner.

2. Find a good little brain training app on my iPhone and try to sort out my irritating memory issues – and developing OCD about not remembering things.

3. Find and book a gorgeous summer holiday abroad.  We don’t tend to splash out on holidays but next year we’ve promised we’ll save up and go somewhere lovely with the bear.  Any suggestions?

4. Replace the fence that’s fallen down.

I think that’s it.  A bit bland really……hey ho.

What are your resolutions going to be?  What didn’t you do this year that you want to do next year?

Click on the image above for tips on keeping your resolutions.

Leave a comment below – and Merry Christmas, that’s it from me! xx


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