Review: the incredibly handy how did I live without gadget – Powermat

January 4, 2011 at 8:13 pm | Posted in Reviews | 2 Comments
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It’s not often this ocurs however I am destined to conclude by the final line of this post, that I goddam adore the Powermat.

Don’t worry January-a-phobes, this aint no workout aid.

Because we all skim read reviews to see if we’re a) at all interested b) can afford it, and c) need to start harassing him indoors  – I shall cut straight to the chase.

– It charges things wirelessly.  Lots of things – we now have cases and adapters for our iPhone, Blackberry and iPods and are happily charging our hearts out.

– It’s extremely sexy and takes pride of place in the kitchen.

– Prices start from £39.99 for a single space mat and iPhone receiver.

So the techy bit, basically you have a mat that plugs into the mains, plus a receiver for each phone.  The receiver is a case that replaces the back part of your phone cover, or in the case of my iPhone 3GS, a complete cover.  I found the cover too bulky so just slide it into the base of the cover to charge.  It sounds a bit clunky but it’s not.  How often do you hunt around the house for your charger?  This stays in one place, is always there when you need it, can charge many household gadgets including a DS, and bonus – it looks good.

The thing I like the most is the way it magnetically grips into place on the mat, makes a whizzy noise and starts charging.  I like clever and this is clever.

Available from Carphone Warehouse, this is well worth the investment for the true gadget lover.



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  1. I want 1! Thanks

    • It really is fab, definitely become part of the furniture!

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