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January 6, 2011 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 10 Comments
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Thanks for stopping by.

It seems I am the face of Tesco magazine this month!

It all happened in a slightly random crazy way, a loose conversation with the lovely Liz from Living with Kids about car boot sales somehow escalated into a going back to work fashion feature, into a video, into a cover shoot.

It all happened faster than you could say ‘he’s pooed again pass me the change bag’.  Which I can be found saying far more often than ‘are you getting my best side?’ that’s for sure.

Anyway, back in September last year I spent a day and a half in front of the cameras, at my home in Oxford with the bear, and at a studio in London, being a mum in need of a makeover.  Bub-bye boring suits, hello F&F fashion for my working day from Tesco.

I don’t have anything to show and  tell at the moment, but the magazine is out this coming Monday 10th January and I believe the video will be on the Tesco website around the same time.

I’ll leave you with this picture taken by my very good friend and fantastic photographer Jackie.

I had great fun, although confess to bursting into tears on seeing my husband at the end of day two.  Tired was not the word.


Thanks Liz for the opportunity to be glam for a day!



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  1. It sounds like such a fun time. And you look stunning. So gorgeous strawberry. x

  2. I shall be off to Tesco in search of my own copy! Well done you sounds like great fun and you do indeed look stunning. x

  3. You look stunning! I shall look out for you next month.

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of attention over the coming weeks – in a good way!

    • Yikes, maybe I’ll be wearing sunglasses!!!!

  5. It sounds like you had great fun and you look gorgeous. Love the hair colour!

    • Thank you, red heads definitely have more fun!

  6. You look fabulous! Can’t wait to get hold of the mag 🙂

  7. Wow, how fantastic! I’ll be looking out for the magazine now!

    • I managed to track one down yesterday….ok I confess I snaffled five copies!

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