I am NOT premenstrual, but DO NOT have bread with your dinner.

January 8, 2011 at 9:47 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 4 Comments
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So my long-suffering husband who I love very much and is my best friend, gets it in the neck again.

But don’t some things just really tick you off?!

Image courtesy of The New Moon Journal

Don’t get me wrong, I’m Little Miss Homemaker. I love my role as a mother, wife and housewife.  I put a homemade meal on the table each night. I wash, clean,organise and arrange.  I wear the trousers.

But sometimes, teeny little silly bitty things just make you want to screeeeeeaaaammm.

Like cooking a lovely meal from sratch, will all the ingredients under the sun including T, L and C – and then, your husband goes and gets two slices of bread and butter. Whaaaaat?!

Now I don’t believe I underfeed my husband, and yes I am being irrational, but sometimes hormones conspire against you and the addition of muchos carbs to the dinner table when your lovingly prepared meal already includes potatoes and plenty of stodge could be classed as offensive.

So I refused to speak for the entire evening.

I busied myself, I pottered, I tidied away.  And I went to bed.

The next day I vented my frustration, put it ‘out there’, was done with it and life continued on as usual.

The pinny and the picket fence intact.



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  1. LOL! My husband taught our 6YO to eat her dinner with a slice of bread, like his Dad did for nearly 70 years. It went something like, ‘cut a little piece off and load up a bit of everything else from your plate, onto it.’ His Dad died suddenly in Summer so I was emotional too, but not in the same way as you. Perhaps it’s a man thing, and we’ve just got to roll with it? Thanks for sharing, made me smile.

    However, don’t get me started on empty toilet rolls, and me being the only one who is trained in this highly intricate & difficult task…

    • That’s a lovely memory to have, little traits that people have.
      Well, don’t get me started on the wet towel on the bed, cereal bowl by the dishwasher or iron away, ironing board left out!!! Ha ha!

  2. Oh I’d be the same. Lots of people eat their dinner with bread and butter out of habbit it’s just wrong. Eat and then if your still hungry which you won’t be fair enough. My hubby does most of the cooking in our house as he enjoys it I don’t so much but when I do cook I woudl hate for him to get some bread and I wouldn’t do that to him either. x

    • Husband has now started asking permission to have bread and butter which is driving me more mental! Can’t win!

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