What shall we build?…. What shall we build?!

January 11, 2011 at 9:11 am | Posted in Daily Life | 4 Comments
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Pre Christmas we were making tree decorations out of papier-mache and sending Christmas cards festooned with glitter, feathers and little shiny shapes.  Arts and crafts is probably one of the easiest ways to sit and engage a child for a period of time.  But it does require a little bit of a creative eye.  And a severe lack of OCD when it comes to neatness – Santa upside-down, shapes on top of each other, scribbles everywhere.  That’s my personal challenge.

Post Christmas we have an influx of new toys to amuse us.  But do they present a new challenge?  Do we know how to play?  Especially parents of toddlers, who still require support in brining out their imagination and using role play.  Do you sit aimlessly stacking up bricks when you have all the tools to make towers, bridges and rocket launchers?!

Do you blankly pretend to drink a cup of tea over and over again when really you could be having a full on picnic with strawberry cake, choco fingers and tomato ketchup?! After all this my first kitchen does have a grand 104 pieces.

This is one for the fence sitting Pippa Ddo we know how to play?!



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  1. I think that the boys imagination got better as they got older. Mini was always imaginative, maxi’s has grown with him!

    • It’s amazing how differently girls and boys play, even from a really young age, before they’re influenced by stereotypes.

  2. My two love Duplo, the mainly build towers. We need to get some more of it. x

    • We’re excited to be sponsored by Lego Duplo this year so going to be great building lots of stuff!

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