Product Review: Goko Cream

January 25, 2011 at 7:53 pm | Posted in Reviews | 3 Comments
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I first discovered Goko cream nestled in my CyberMummy goodie bag.  There were actually two tubes in there and I casually gave one to a friend.  Well, I wouldn’t have if I’d known how blooming lovely it was. Only joking I’m not that mean…

It’s dubbed skin recovery in a tube and I’ve been so impressed.  Actually, I’d go as far as to say it’s miracle stuff.

I’ve suffered from itchy legs since my teens, mainly a day or so after shaving.  I’ve tried all sorts, even going as far as kinesiology.  One doctor said it was chillblains, another a simple shaving irritation.  But nothing stopped it, not even waxing.

Using Goko cream after showering has completely eliminated the problem.  And it’s the only cream I’ll use on my face.  It’s light and zingy.  It’s a centella cream with tea tree, which is what gives it the nice tingly feeling.

Centella Asiatica is a small herbaceous plant native to Australia, Africa and parts of Asia. Also known at Gotu Kola, Luei Gong Gen and Asiatic Pennywort, it is used as a medicinal herb in both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.

You can use it for all sorts; I use it on the bear too, he’s two and a half and it’s great for dry sore patches around his mouth caused by teething dribbles.

Sunburn, scarring, acne and eczema are just some of the other conditions it can help with.

It’s not cheap at £19.99 for a 100ml tube but it is the best, best, best cream you’ll ever find.  I promise.

This is a sponsored post.  Goko kindly gave me their wonder cream to review. I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that I truly, truly love.



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  1. I agree this stuff is awesome. Definetly the best cream you will ever buy. It works on everything. x

  2. I love this too. I’m still using my Cybermummy one. Hadn’t realised it was so expensive. Lovely though.

    • It’s gorgeous! I have to admit I didn’t expect a cream I’d never heard of to be that good! I was very pleasantly surprised!

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