What do colours mean to you? A meme

February 4, 2011 at 4:21 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Memes | 1 Comment
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Image courtesy of playmedesign.

If you imagine lying in a meadow, what colours do you see? Green clover dotted with yellow cowslips, a hazy blue sky, a faded lemon yellow sun….. or can you smell the colours; a field of fragrant lavender, freshly cut hay…

Ok, so you get the picture.

I was thinking about how children choose their favourite colours – before they’re  influenced by society telling them that girls wear pink and boys wear blue.  When bear and I made a scrap paper lion this evening I asked him to go and get an orange pen and he did – he’s started to recognise and relate to different colours.  At the moment his favourite is black – lord knows where that is going to lead!

Anyway, on to the meme.  Copy the following five colours to your blog post and add what they mean to you.  It could be a word, it could be a more detailed description.  The important thing is not to think too hard about it.


Big white wedding dresses, puffy and full of air.  Tiny white babygros.  Not white for long…


Scuffed round toe school shoes, comfy and dependable but a sign that it’s another weekday and time for boring maths lessons.


Expensive and luxurious gifts wrapped with velvet ribbon, too beautiful to unwrap.  Deserves to be photographed before opening.


The plastic orange recorder hidden in our salad tray.  Simply too noisy for any sane house.


Tickets – raffles, prescriptions to collect, reminder notes and dry cleaning labels.

I tag Carolin from Mummy Alarm, Julie from The Sardine Tin and Kate Collings of Two men, a cat and me.

Go crazy ladies, and remember to pass it on to three more if you can.


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  1. This is actually quite interesting. Obviously we get a lot of blue and pink things given to us. I try not to encourage/discourage either from playing with anything… but Tilly will often grab the pink and pass the blue to Jasper, and vice versa.

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