The Gallery: A day in my life…

February 9, 2011 at 8:41 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 14 Comments
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What a day….

I did my mascara, like you mummy.

And then, the dreaded blue screen and a day of recovering files.

A well earned glass of wine 


The ironing can wait…

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  1. What a great insight into your day. Bear looks so funny x

  2. I LOL’d at your picture this morning – but also gasped a little. I remember at least two of my little monkeys doing exactly the same thing!

    • At least it came off easily, otherwise nursery would have thought I’d been duffing him up!

  3. Oh dear. You deserved that glass of wine.

  4. My laptop blue screen of deathed today too 😦 Must be something in the air…

    • Oh no! Did you lose anything? Am still reeling at losing little things I didn’t think about from my desktop like Evernote that I hadn’t synced properly, duh!

  5. Ha ha! All of it looks so familar! Apart from the blue screen is no more since I bought a Mac last year 🙂 x

    • I need to move over to the Apple side!

  6. Oh dear! Not a great start to the day then?

  7. Big M has yet to try the mascara trick, but we have had a couple of close calls with lip gloss and nail varnish.
    Hope you got the laptop sorted 🙂

    • Laptop survived it’s ordeal thank goodness!
      Ooh yes nail polish, that’s harder to get off too!

  8. We havent had the Mascara incident yet but we have had the liquid foundation and nail varnish combo. Yep all over himself and the new bed spread. Oh well. sorry you had a hectic day. Looks like a day in my life. Take care and top up that wine 😉 xx

    • The laptop just about survived, thank goodness.

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