Computer says no.

February 15, 2011 at 8:42 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Work & Life | 3 Comments
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Last week my computer stopped and said to me ‘I’m not taking any more of this sh*t’.  And promptly showed me it’s blue screen and left me for a better life.

Today the magnitude of my loss hit me like a brick and I wept a little.

I didn’t even lose anything I can’t live without – no work files, no photos, no treasured memories.

Because, you see, I’m a control freak.  Everything is backed up, everything is accounted for, everything has it’s own special place to reside.

I need lists.

I lost a few bits. Mainly the record of hour many hours I’ve spent doing various tasks, a list of interesting websites and a weeks worth of to do list items. Oh and emails.

My life can continue without these things.  I can function; do my job, run my life, organise my time.

But still I mourned the loss of my carefully recorded data.  I will more than likely lie awake visualising how my populated list looked pre-breakdown (the computer’s not mine).

Advances in IT, the internet and social media, have all made it possible to document and record every single tiny detail of our lives in hugely sophisticated ways.  It’s incredible.  I hate it.

Gone are the days when we relied on pen and paper.  All of our ideas and reminders recorded in a format that didn’t crash, corrupt, fail to sync or vanish.

Notepads are however at risk of being left on trains.

A small part of me (and the part I am listening to), believes that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe it was not just my laptop that was overloaded, but me too.

Maybe something had to go to make way for a little breathing space. Maybe more entries that say ‘relax’ or ‘go to the spa’.

And so, it is time to move on. 

RIP lists.

Please share your similar experiences to aid the process of healing.



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  1. Data loss is a pain I remember I had a bit of a scare with my uni dissertation but luckily I had backed up. It’s the most important point you made there. Apparently there is a theory that data doesn’t actually ‘exist’ unless it is stored three times and each time in a different location.

  2. Runs off to back everything up. I don’t know I would panic. But working in IT there is usually way around this so I don’t have any recovery stories other than curl up with a good book. x

    • Has seriously not helped my OCD about organisation!!! Am over it now, onwards and upwards!

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