I don’t want to be skinny but…

March 11, 2011 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 3 Comments
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I’ll be 32 next month and for the first time since body image became an issue at the age of about 14, I don’t feel pressured to be skinny.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if my bottom was a little less orange-peely, and it would be really nice if my upper arms didn’t swing quite so much when I waved, but all in all I’m pretty happy.

Actually, one other thing, I was super-envious when I saw the tanned and toned washboard stomach of a new friend the other day.  Admittedly she hasn’t had children but it did make long for the more bikini-friendly body I was once the proud owner of in my Agia Napa twenties.

I think when you reach your thirties body image is less about what you see in the mirror and more about what you see in your family life.  When you’re happy and content with your lot, you see a healthy body when you look in the mirror.

I was a stone lighter than I am now when I got married nearly four years ago.  I confess I was aiming for the lollypop head look.  And for three months in the lead up to the big day, I survived on daily gym sessions and fruit.  I didn’t cut out the red wine though, I’m not totally crazy.

Have you struck a happy medium and accepted your body?  Have you always dieted or gone from bingeing to starving yourself?  I was talking to a well-being type woman recently and discussing some of my more obsessive personality traits (cleaning, organising, lists etc) and she asked if I’d ever suffered from an eating disorder because quite often the two go hand in hand.  I answered honestly and said that no I hadn’t – I’m lucky that apart from those few months before our wedding I’ve always had a good relationship with food, but I understand and appreciate that for others who don’t, being weight-content is a huge challenge.

I think that also as we get older we see less importance in body image and more in other parts of our lives.  I now class potty training and soft play as regular exercise and find satisfaction in gardening over the gym.  Yes, I might be getting boring, and yes there is a balance to find between being a domestic goddess and becoming an Anthea Turner clone.  But I think as long as you’re happy then why not love the skin you’re in.  People warm to a smiling face over a pert bottom….. well, the type of people you want to spend time with should do I hope.

Finally, the ‘but’ in my post title – I don’t want to be skinny but a good spray tan doesn’t half help the wobbly bits look more attractive….



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  1. What a great post. I have to say that I am not happy with my body but I hope to get there again one day. So pleased to hear you are happy. x

  2. Really enjoyed reading this.
    I’m 25, a size 16. I’d love to be a size 14, I could be a size 14, but would be happy being a 14-16.
    Although I am “on the larger side” I am healthy(ish)
    I decided after having my son to not put pressure on myself to lose weight. I was breastfeeding and needed extra calories and wasn’t going to deny myself a piece of cake or packet of crisps if I wanted them.
    I then became pregnant whilst still breastfeeding so didn’t get the chance to diet and get myself down to a 14 before having my next child but I honestly don’t feel that I should put the pressure on myself to be a certain weight until I’ve finished having my children, finished breastfeeding my children etc. This will be our last child (we think) so once this one is born, and breastfeeding is finished then I will try and drop a dress size but I am most certainly not going to make myself unhappy about it.
    I can run after my toddler, playfight etc for ages without being tired so as long as I’m healthy enough to be able to do that then there’s not rush for me to focus on anything else.
    I have no one to impress with my figure, ok I want to keep my husband happy and want him to fancy me but I know that at my current weight he still fancies me.
    Although I say I’m happy I couldn’t be any bigger, and I am aware of that.

  3. I agree with you. I think we do become more comfortable in our own skin as we got older and other things – like family – become more important than our body size. I had an eating disorder growing up but now think there is so much more to life than striving to be thin. All those wasted years could be better spent. Really interesting post.

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