Easter Baskets: Make and Do

March 25, 2011 at 8:51 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 5 Comments
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Today, apart from walking my socks off here there and everywhere because the weather was so damn lovely, we made Easter baskets, so I thought I’d share them with you in case you want to have a go too.  Completely simples I promise.

We started by shredding some old bank statements and bills.

We mixed them with some green tester pot paints from the garage.  We’ve left a large number of drips of paint across the (thankfully) wooden floor in the dining room in the process.

We used the packaging from a pack of five pan scourers, with each plastic bubble providing the base for the nest.

We filled the plastic bubble with our shredded, painted paper and nestled our Poundland chicks into each one.

We then addd coloured bobbles from Tesco and stuck them into the nest using PVA.

Voila, Easter chick nests.

If you do make some, we’d love to see your pictures.



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  1. Inspired: I love them!

  2. They’re lovely…. I hope I’m getting one?!?

    • Didn’t see this before we brought you one over! x

  3. Awe those are fantastic x

  4. […] even some displays of creative genius – check out these adorable Easter baskets and this fearsome clay dinosaur! All in all, it’s a great blog for any mums with toddlers looking […]

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