Silent Sunday: Mad Hatters Tea Party

March 27, 2011 at 10:14 am | Posted in Silent Sunday | 16 Comments
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Hop over and see all of the entries at Mocha Beanie Mummy, including one very naughty one….



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  1. That looks like a fun tea party x

  2. oooooo is there room for 1 more??? 🙂

    • Always! Do you hav e suitable party hat?!

  3. Fantastic! We did something very similar a couple of Sundays back for hubby’s birthday x

  4. Adorable! I can just imagine the ‘babble’ going on to all those teddies 🙂

    • Yep – something like ‘hello, how you today? Uh huh, yep, yep, good, ok see you next week’!!!

  5. LOL! Great shot and I like the effect you used on the photo.

    • It’s hipstamatic on the iPhone I’m obsessed with it!

  6. The imagainations of children….

  7. Ahhh he looks like he’s having a great time, lovely pic x

  8. Can see the imagination oozing out! Lovely shot!

    • He’s definitely taking hold of role play with both hands!

  9. Aww so cute. I love having tea parties with my kids xx

  10. Imagination is a wonderful thing! Lovely photo!

  11. He looks like a very entertaining host.

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