Review: Mission Burritos in Oxford

March 29, 2011 at 9:26 pm | Posted in Days Out, Reviews | 1 Comment
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A few weeks ago we had a mammoth lunch at Mission Burritos in Oxford, and I mean mammoth.

We descended on the restaurant at about 2pm and were faced with a huge array of choices, and the staff were fantastic in helping us to choose – including a smaller option for the bear.  As usual when we eat out, bear opted to eat ours and we ate his.  You might be able to get an impression from the picture above to the sheer size of a Mission burrito.

I had a carnitas (pork) burrito with pinto beans, rice, sour cream, cheese, salad and Chipotle sauce.  Daddy had the same but the steak version with added guacamole, and bear was supposed to have chicken and cheese tacos with salad and cheese.  I think he saw the big shiny foil and decided that a burrito was the choice for him.

Daddy made the fatal mistake of removing all of the foil.  The burritos are so huge that you need to unwrap as you go to avoid an explosion; they are so jam packed, and utterly delicious.  This is fast food with a difference – filling, non greasy, completely satisfying and fun to eat.  How the people next to us ordered after we did, ate and left well before we did is beyond me – they must have been pros! You could tell from the people who were eating that they were regulars; they knew what they liked and came for just that.

You WILL need a rest afterwards! This is unlike most Sunday lunchtime meals, you won’t be hungry again an hour later.  You won’t be hungry again for quite some time, which is a refreshing change. Because it’s all wrapped in a tortilla you don’t feel uncomfortably ‘burger bun’ full.  And for around £6 for a meal it’s worth every penny.

Mission Burritos are now in Oxford, Reading and Bristol.

Our lunch at The Mission was kindly paid for by Mission Burritos.  A big thank you to Stephane in particular. I stick to the bloggers with integrity code to only promote products that I truly, truly love.


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