The Gallery: How to train your fringe

March 30, 2011 at 6:44 pm | Posted in The Gallery | 11 Comments
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I’ve recently invested in a designer fringe.  It doesn’t usually do what I ask of it.  Any tips gratefully received.

I don’t want to look like I have windscreen wipers.  Or a thatch.

This is my entry for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.  Do go over and see the hairy stories, good, bad and scary.



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  1. Great pics…they have a really ’60’s vibe…..can almost see myself in one of them!!

    • Yes definitely! I’d like that, you looked super glam!

  2. You are not allowed to suit a fringe or no fringe. *tut*

    😀 Great pics love x

    • Ha ha, the fringe has not been completely welcomed into the family yet!

  3. A fringe really suits you!

    • Thank you! It’s taking a while to accept it!

  4. I have that same fringe now also! Does that make me fashionable? *puffs out chest in an important manner*

    • Ooh if you have it too, it must be ** swishes head and straightens fringe proudly ** Are we in the cool gang do you think?! It’s only taken me 32 years!!!!

  5. brilliant photos 🙂

  6. Tell me about it,I have had it for over a year now, and still have difficulties styling it, have also tried growing it, but have given up and had it cut again…a few times…bloody fringe! @Kahanka

  7. I think your fringe looks great. x

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