Win one of three copies of children’s book Peely Wally

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Right you lucky lot, time for prizes! No crazy rules where you have to tweet, like a Facebook page, answer a difficult question or stand on your head.

Simply leave me a comment stating what your perfect egg (of any random, crazy, hard-boiled or chocolate variety) would be and you could win one of three copies of Peely Wally.

This is the debut book from Kali Stileman.  It’s available on Amazon and follows the journey of Peely Wally and her egg. It’s a simple story great for wind-down bedtime reading and is beautifully illustrated.  A dotted line leads you through the story – meet brightly coloured animals as the egg takes a tumble.

So get entering!

Oh, and the small print – no cash alternative, enter before the Royal Wedding, as many entries each as you like (one comment equals one entry), winners will be picked at random, judge will not accept bribery (mostly).



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  1. I have to say a refreshers egg. It’s an Easter variety obviously. It was rasperry and white chocolate but they never did it except that one year and I got it in woolies. Think I was the only one who bought it. x

  2. egg on a pizza! Pizza Express do one pizza with an egg in the middle. It’s scrummy.


  3. I really liked an egg I saw the other day: a praline egg inside a real eggshell, which had been painted gold. Small but perfectly formed.

  4. My perfect egg is a poached one with the yolk still slightly runny on some thick granary toast. Perfect!

  5. I like the tasty posh egg that Sat Bains serves at his restaurant, that’s been poached for 3 days (or something daft like that!)


  6. Plain and simple, I like a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. Bite the top off, scoop the middle out with tongue and eat rest of the chocolate. If I feel like it, I try and crack it in perfect halves (quite fiddly though).


  7. Any chocolate egg will do for me!

  8. I would LOVE a Willy Wonka never ending chocolate egg! With different layers of choccy, so the more you lick, the better it gets – YUM!

  9. P.s.

    This would be a book my Mum would LOVE to read to my children. She is scottish and is always saying “Oooh, he looks so peely wally”, (which I think means pale and weak) – this book would be so apt!

    i could eat my never ending egg while she reads to the kids! Simple!!

  10. I love a perfect soft boiled egg. Yum.

    Book looks fab!


  11. Oh and… to see if this 2nd entry lark works.. I also love a fried egg sandwich.


    • It definitely works, got to make it fun to enter these things!


    • Think this is my favourite suggestion so far! (Although all winners will be picked at random I am desperate for a giant egg full of caramel!)

  13. Gotta be anything cadburys…

    or if I’m really pushing the boat out, a hotel chocolat caramel egg sandwich 😉

  14. i love cadburys cream eggs!

  15. in fact i love any type of chocolate egg!

  16. My perfect egg is a poached free range hen’s egg, on top of asparagus from the garden. @janesgrapevine

  17. I love mini eggs. The ones with the sugary shell, and really thick milk chocolate inside.

  18. Although I’d also quite like the chance to try eating a caramac egg again – apparently I ate a whole one as a child and then was horribly ill.

  19. It has to chocolate egg 🙂

  20. I like Cadbury Eggs 🙂

  21. I love dark chocolate eggs for me and because I don’t need to eat much dark chocolate at any one time to get my fix, it lasts much longer than a milk chocolate egg. For my son, I think the buttons eggs can’t be beaten.

  22. A fertilized egg! I am feeling broody!!!

  23. Any hotel chocolate easter egg is my favourite egg!

  24. a soft boiled egg that my hens have laid – lovely and yellow and very tasty

  25. My favourite egg is a Cadbury’s creme egg

  26. Praline filled are best

  27. You can’t beat a Cadbury’s Cream Egg. I would love to get a giant version. Yum.

  28. For me anything Cadbury’s!!! Why do their easter eggs taste even more scrumptious than their chocolate?!?!

  29. I love fried eggs on toast, preferably with some bacon, sausages, fried bread and beans on the side.

  30. I like a duck egg duckie

  31. My oldest son likes ostrich eggs as he once was attacked by an ostrich when very little at a ostrich farm in cumbria

  32. My husbands’ is scrambled (very much like his brain if you ask me!)

  33. My daughter’s fave egg is one with an easter bunny on it and a butterfly

  34. Chocolate egg

  35. A pickled egg for me…. lovely.

    I would love a mini chocolate egg filled with peanut butter…. oh how wonderful that would be.

  36. Fried please!

  37. Eggs-poached scrambled or boiled – yum

  38. I enjoy a fresh free range egg, gently boiled and served with bread and butter soldiers – just like Mum used to serve.

  39. A rich chocolate egg, broken into little bite size, melt on the tongue pieces.

  40. Cadbury’s Creme Egg – bite the top, lick the middle, devour the rest… yum yum

  41. A softly poached egg on white toast with loads of butter & ketchup. The only thing better is 2 poached eggs! I’m easily pleased…

  42. A big, handmade, Scotch one – with a whole boiled egg in of course!

  43. After 9 months of pregnancy all I want is a egg with a runny yolk. Poached, fried or boiled I am not fussy, just want that yolk!

  44. I’m intolerant of eggs, so a Cadbury’s Creme Egg is my favourite!!! And of course, I lick the fondant out of the middle first and then eat the chocolate!

  45. I love chocolate egg 🙂

  46. I love soft scrambled eggs, on wholemeal toast, with white pepper (not black) and brown sauce

  47. Only chocolate eggs 🙂

  48. I love a scrambled egg with vinegar and pepper on wholemeal buttered toast..yummy.

    On a sidenote is peely wally not a Scots term for a very pale person.. or is that a different spelling.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂


    • I think it is, I’ve heard someone else say the same!

  49. my kids love chocolate eggs!

  50. I love a nice Boiled egg with a runny yolk and lots of toasty soilders


  51. cream eggs are my favourite

  52. milk chocolate egg yummy!

  53. i just love spanish omlette mmmm

  54. My perfect egg is a lovely free range one, laid that morning and bought from the farmer’s market, perfectly poached and served on top of asparagus from the garden.

  55. Eggs Benedict, yum. Other than that just a classic chocolate egg

  56. I love Kinder eggs. It still amazes me how they get the toys to fit in the middle.

  57. boiled eggs with soldiers for me!

  58. Oh too many to decide, especially when I read everyone elses comments. I suppose I love all the fancy eggs benedict,eggs florentine but I think it either has to be the guilty pleasure of a fried egg sandwich or the nursery fave of dippy egg and soldiers!

  59. Chocolate – has to be – Cadburys Cream Egg from the fridge, yum yum 🙂

  60. A soft boiled egg with soldiers. So many happy childhood memories

  61. In French we say oeufs brouilles, these are my fav eggs!

  62. I’m going to say boiled egg with soldiers, with a nice runny yolk. Not something I have a lot, but something I found myself missing during pregnancy when I was avoiding egg. Foolishly not had one since my son arrived!!

  63. chocolate eggs every time!

  64. I’d love an After Eight Chocolate egg. I hope for one every year- but nothing yet …

  65. When I was little I always used to get a chocolate Easter Egg in a ‘chalet’ box – don’t know why, but it was a tradition and the windows always had shutters that opened. So, memories and all that, I would have to say a chocolate egg in a ‘chalet’ box is favourite

  66. fried egg sitting next to bacon, sausage and beans and mushrooms yum

  67. Drum roll please, the winner is……

  68. Emily Smith! Congratulations!

  69. The second winner – Ellie Peabody!

  70. And finally, carol phile! Well done everyone! Have emailed you for your addresses x

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