How to make milk bottle elephants

April 19, 2011 at 8:37 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Make & Do | 18 Comments
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When we looked around bear’s prospective primary school, I oooohed over an art project they had on display.  I thought they were such a clever idea that we recreated them when the nieces and nephews came to visit a few weeks ago.

What you will need:

– 2 pint milk bottle

– Watered down PVA glue

– Coloured tissue paper

– Sequins, gems, stickers, stick on eyes and ribbon

Here’s how to make them.

1. Cut the top from a 2 pint plastic milk bottle, using the handle as the trunk.

2. Cut arches on all four sides to make the legs.

3. Rip the coloured tissue paper into strips.

4. Use watered down PVA glue to cover the milk bottle with tissue paper.  Leave to dry.

Now the fun part!

5. Decorate your elephants with stickers, gems and other goodies.

6. If you want to make the headdress shape cut a piece of card as follows:

6. Add a length of ribbon around the neck of the lid to finish.

And voila!



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  1. Wow they look great. x

    • They were great fun to make, not sure who had more fun!

  2. they look fab!

  3. These are awsome, really clever. I think I might have to persuade my two there not to old to be doing this!!!

    • So many people have made them since and tweeted the pics, they’re really good fun to make!

  4. Hi, we have made the entire Elmer family this way. You can use 2 of the pieces you cut out for the leg shapes and glue them on as ears!

    • That’s a really good idea!

  5. […] Milk bottle elephants – Actually discovered whilst visiting Noah’s pre-school for a look around.  It was one of the deciding factors in sending our son to this school having discovered their passion for creative play. Milk bottle elephants […]

  6. […] and having met the head teacher and looked around we’re happy.  We originally saw these milk bottle elephants being made by one class and promptly copied […]

  7. Oh these are just beautiful aren’t they I feel like we need to make these and have some special Indian food for tea

    • They’re cute aren’t they – we had so much fun making them

  8. Absolutely fab they will have to be added to our bucket list

    • So many people have made great ones since this post: would love to see pictures

  9. Came across your blog via http://babygenie.wordpress.
    com/2011/04/19/how-to-make-milk-bottle-elephants/. Have you got any sort of tips on the way to
    get registered in
    I’ve really been attempting to for quite a while but I never seem to get there. Cheers

    • What are you trying to register for?

  10. I love it.

  11. i love these, definitely something my little girl would love to do on a rainy day.x

    • They’re such fun to make and good for all abilities!

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