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May 11, 2011 at 9:42 am | Posted in The Gallery | 14 Comments
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Chilled out is maybe not a word that people would automatically use to describe me, but I am definitely working on it.  Consider it a 2011 project.  When you start taking some time out for yourself – which is a necessity for a mother, not a luxury, then you start to realise how good it is for the soul.  And you also realise that every still gets done.  The world doesn’t come to an end.

I read some really good tips on a blog carnival a while ago for working mums – things like invest in a slow cooker and I can’t remember what else, it’s making me very un-chilled out trying to find the website link.

Anyway, the picture is of my lovely mum.  She has always worked hard, run a home, brought up children, let those children come running home a few times, stood them up, brushed them off.  And I don’t think I’ve ever heard her raise her voice.  Not that I can remember anyway!



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  1. Lovely post & picture! x

    • Aah thank you – boat trip just outside Oxford, was gorgeous.

  2. If you find that link please blog it – I would love any tips! I’m a very stressed working, blogging mum who would love any tips on saving time/energy!

    Lovely pic – she is the epitome of chilled out there!

  3. I don’t think there will ever be a photo of me chilling either. Wish I was more like my hubby.

    Lovely photo of your mum 🙂

    • Maybe we should make it our quest!

  4. Aww what a lovely picture x

    • Thanks! She was a real hottie! Still very glam and shares my love of clothes shopping!

  5. Good news (for you and my obsession about finding things!), managed to track down the article after muchos searching!

  6. I’m really tickled that you liked my post on Business Plus Baby so much that you mentioned it your post. Thank you!

    • My pleasure, it’s the most sensible set of tips I’ve seen – no strategy documents, big plans or silly targets, just sensible advice that actually helps, I adopted the lot! Love my slow cooker, love my Tesco grocery app and regularly clean the bathroom when bear is in the bath!! Thanks – I love you!! Ha ha!

  7. What a fantastic photo! Loved the words too.

  8. Lovely tribute to your Mum who is beautiful by the way and hey, I bet you are far better than you think you are too

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