The CyberMummy count down has started

May 13, 2011 at 8:15 pm | Posted in CyberMummy | 8 Comments
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I am super excited about CyberMummy. If this post doesn’t convey that, I apologise.  It’s Friday.  I’ve spent the day naughty-stepping, poo coaxing, bedtime wrangling and toddler negotiating.

But still, I’m goddamn excited.

If you are going for this first time this year read my post about CyberMummy 2010 (titled ‘sorry I shoved a cupcake in your face’ for a reason) and get a taster of the madness – and this year is set to be even bigger and better.

Aside from the ultimate dilemma of what to wear, there’s lots to look forward too including Sarah Brown the keynote speaker, sessions on working with Facebook, marketing your blog, making money, photography and keeping it all legal.  And on top of that lot they’ll be the usual running about, hugging, live blogging and tweeting, quizzes, prizes and utter madness.

I don’t like the label swag hag but last year there was a whole lotta great loot on offer so my advice, bring a bag – a big one.  It’s fantastic to have so many amazing brands like Huggies, Goko, Plum Baby and Kiddicare supporting us and it their generosity was totally appreciated last year.

This year I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by Lego Duplo along with a whole delicious spread of other mummy bloggers:

Being a Mummy

Bringing up Charlie

Cafe Bebe

Insomniac Mummy

The Madhouse

Me the Man and the Baby
More than just a Mother


Second Time Mummy

Single Mummy

Sleep is for the Weak

Today we were sent a very cool fire engine to review which the bear has been happy pottering with, extinguishing fires and rescuing dinosaurs.

So, back to that all important debate, what to wear?! Leave a comment and let me know what you have in mind – some have mentioned jeans and t-shirts, others full on party gear and well, Lego Duplo have been talking all in one jumpsuits so you won’t miss me!



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  1. I’m so excited!!! And yay to being a Lego Duplo mummy! Second year in a row that we have the same sponsors! Cant wait to see you again!! 😀 That fire engine is so cool! Oli’s currently sat playing with a alphabet duplo set which arrived this morning, he totally adores it! 🙂

  2. Yay can’t wait to go. That toy is very cool. We love Duplo. Can’t wait to see you x

  3. I didn’t go last year but am this year – yay!
    Although at this point I am as nervous as I am excited and have NO CLUE of what to wear so look out for the naked one hiding under a table – that’ll be me 😉

    • Ha ha! Let’s go for prom dresses and long gloves, after all it is the social event of the year!!!!

  4. You’re going? Brilliant, I am too! Se you there and thanks for the tip about the big bag 🙂

    • I am! Can’t wait to see everyone! We need name badges this year!

  5. I cannot wait to see you all in your Duplo boiler suits:)

    • I am going to rock the all in one look!!!!

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