Silent Sunday

May 29, 2011 at 9:03 pm | Posted in Silent Sunday | 10 Comments
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  1. yum! Is that in M&S?

    • Certainly is! Good old M&S! Decided to spend my birthday gift vouchers on lunch rather than undies!

      • If I have any they usually get spent on some nice M&S food too.

  2. my ones love a babychino

  3. Looks like he is enjoying that. I really do wish I liked stuff like that but I really don’t. It looks yummy x

    • I have a friend that says sandwiches are the world’s best food because you can have absolutely anything in one!

  4. Looks like M and S to me! Love it!

    • Got it in one! Was a lovely lunch, apart from the grumpy old bag behind us huffing about the length of the queue! Clearly didn’t ‘do’ children as she muttered ‘a knuckle sandwich’ under her breath when I told bear he was having a sandwich and not chocolate for lunch!!! How rude!

  5. Babyccino? So grown up!

    • Yup, loves a cup of hot frothy milk with chocolate sprinkles! And M&S gave him FOUR biscuits on the side, he thought Christmas had come early!

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