Silent Sunday

June 5, 2011 at 8:41 am | Posted in Silent Sunday | 19 Comments
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This is my entry for Silent Sunday over at Mocha Beanie Mummy’s place.





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  1. my little one has exactly the same serious face on him when he goes for a trim!

    • I was amazed how still he sat – he thought he was such a dude!

  2. Ahhh is that his first haircut! What a good little man!. x

    • His first proper barber cut. But it grows like a weed so he’s had it trimmed dozens of times before – all those long curls gone for the summer!

  3. He’s obviously concentrating on keeping his ears tucked in and out of danger.

    • Exactly, never seen him so still!!!!

  4. awwww! poor little man! He doesn’t look happy at all!

    • I think it’s more his big boy big chair face, very serious stuff!

  5. Ooh is this his first hair cut? Looks like a frightening experience lol! My little one is only 5 months but her hair is so unruly and growing into a mullet we think we might have to cut the bottom soon! x

    • First barber cut but he’s had many, many trims before – he usually has a mop of curls and it grows by the day!

  6. So sweet! My boy LOVES getting his haircut. Everyone in the hairdresser always goes on about how well behaved he is. Little do they know…!

  7. oh bless him, thats how i feel when mine have their hairs cut :ox

  8. Awww…what a trooper! Such a little sweetie. Imagine how we would feel at his age, having to sit so still with a big cape on us, someone holding scissors right next to us, a strange buzzing sound in our ears and perhaps a little bit itchy from all the hair on us. I think it’s amazing that our little ones manage to survive the experience!

    • I think the thing he was most annoyed about was all the hair in this mouth! Because it’s so fine there just seemed to be a cloud of it surrounding him!

  9. aw we have a photo just like this – such a big step!

  10. Looks very smart!

  11. Aww he is just the cutest. x

  12. Thank you for dropping by and commenting on the green jeans. Glad that you liked them. What a cute little boy!

    • Thanks! Muchos thanks for popping back over here too! x

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