I want to be a shark mummy

June 9, 2011 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 1 Comment
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When I asked my nearly three year old recently what he wants to be when he’s big, he replied without doubt or hesitation that he wants to be a shark when he grows up. Let’s hope it’s not of the loan or pool variety.

He does flit between wanting to be a shark, a dinosaur and a princess but he’s fiercely determined about everything he does whether it’s break dancing in the middle of a shop or swimming up the pavement.  His budding personality leaves me with no doubt that he’s be pretty determined and hardworking.  Let’s hope so.  I might end up with a sloth of a 16 year old who spends all day in his room listening to dub step (see, I’m daaaaan with the kids).  I’m sure all children rebel at some stage but I hope he goes on to do great things – and most importantly does whatever he wants to do.

He starts a new nursery this September and next year will start school and take his first steps on a bumpy path of learning and development.  But is that what school is for? Unfortunately I think the chances of happening upon a teacher like the one from Matilda who notices a child and their abilities, nurtures them and sets them on the right path are about as small as the chance that Simon Cowell  hadn’t been lining Ronan Parke as the BGT 2011 winner …..

Crap, I just had a shocking vision of myself in the head’s office asking what they’re doing to ‘nurture’ my precious boy; I vow never to be that mother.

To me school is about confidence, fun, friendship and new experiences.  As long as bear hops out of his bed in the mornings and wants to go to school, I’ll be happy.  If he doesn’t show academic excellence I really don’t mind.  As long as he’s happy to go.  I’m not a failed street dancer who needs to live my dreams through my children.  I failed at maths and funnily enough I don’t feel compelled to push my son into being the next Carol Vordermann.

Don’t get me wrong I’d be delighted beyond belief if we were lucky enough to find a teacher who would encourage and inspire our son to push himself and follow his dreams, but that’s our job too – without forcing him into the chess club or rowing team on the first day of course.  Some parents say their children knew at the age of 5 that they wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, but that must be quite rare surely.  And realistically how do you know until you’ve had a little taster of the bazillions of different professions you could go into.

So that’s probably the best thing to do, let them have fun at school, and make sure that everytime your child asks to go and visit the fire station, the vets, or daddy’s office, then you do your absolute best to make that happen, so they can try on different jobs for size, however small they are.  Any excuse to go and see the firemen…..last time I had to go because we needed to find out about smoke alarms….honestly.


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  1. It’s funny what they say. Lucas wanted to be a ballerina and a racing car driver. Then a fire engine, not a fireman but the engine. Crazy and your right it’s good to explore these things. x

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