My son shouts at me in public

June 17, 2011 at 6:02 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 3 Comments
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‘I’m the boss mummy’.

Sometimes I get sent to sit on the bottom step, at my own mother’s house.  By my three-year old.

He stands by the front door, folds his arms, tells me to sit down and not move for one minute and proceeds to turn his back to me – peering over his shoulder occasionally to check that I’m still there.

This is quite amusing.

Other times he booms down a supermarket aisle at me ‘come here right this minute mummy – or else!’.

Not so amusing.

At the play centre he marches up to me and says ‘mummy you are a very naughty boy, stop that right now’.

In the street he declares at the top of his voice ‘I dooooon’t think so mummy’.

Guess who wears the trousers in our house.

The thing I don’t get though, we don’t raise our voices to him.  Yes, we discipline him when repeated asking to do something fails.  He gets sent for time out if he hits, bites or throws something.  He’s not a tyrant, just a boy.

He gets warned for shouting, pulling, not eating and screaming.  He’s not difficult, just a boy.

The only time we shout is in a case of immediate danger.  Which actually is counter productive.  If your child is about to spill a cup of juice, hollering ‘be careful!!!’ usually ends in a cup of spilt juice.  If you scream ‘stop, you’re going to fall’, then they are very like to fall out of fright or panic – or worse, plunge, face full of bread into the pond after the ducks.

I don’t worry overly about being judged by passers-by, but when your child screeches at you like a small red-faced banshee to ‘do what you are told this minute’, people are going to assume that this is the way you treat your child at home.  But I don’t.

What makes it even worse is that he puts on this very deep growling voice, frowns and looks down and out of his huge blue eyes at you.

So, I spend my time in public being bossed around, sometimes complying and standing by the frozen peas for one minutes, sometimes apologising and giving up my toys.  I am unsure just how this came to be.  And they certainly don’t talk like this on Peppa Pig.



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  1. Hilarious! Little Moo sometimes shouts at her toys and tells them very sternly to “sit down! Listen, don’t talk” – not sure where she gets that from 🙂

  2. Oh Yes, Mini is loud and bossey too. Maxi is just bossey!

    • At least bear hasn’t taken to jumping on people like one of the toddlers at playgroup this morning! He was properly crushing other children and kept having to be dragged off!

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