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With only five more sleeps to go, the butterflies have started to set in, I’m wishing I’d toned up, booked an eyebrow shape and manicure…..but, tsk, less of the vanity, more of the important stuff – on this coming Saturday I’ll have to chance to squeal and hug old friends, squeal, hug and maybe take by surprise some new friends and squeal and run around a little as the madness of CyberMummy II begins.

This event is a huge accomplishment – the bringing together of 400 bloggers after the hugely successful launch event last year.  This year is twice as big; the workshops will be twice as good, the crowdsourced keynote speakers will be twice as good at making us cry – and the keynote of the day will be by none other than Sarah Brown.  Whether you have political alliances or not, Sarah has done a huge amount for mothers and family related causes, and I feel utterly privileged to listen to her speak.  It’s the first thing I tell people when I tell them about CyberMummy.

So, who am I?  Because I’ll be running round like a loon with the rest of you, overwhelmed by the prospect that so many Twitter friends are actually real people with accents, dress sense and a great ability to drink, here’s a little about me.

Important CyberMummy stuff first.

I am delighted to be a Lego Duplo Expert this year.  Lego Duplo have very kindly sponsored me to attend CyberMummy.  I shant be trying to make you a Duplo hat or sneaking bricks into your pockets while you’re not looking don’t worry – they have a stand all to themselves and will have lots of great stuff going on.

I’m also a Huggies Mum and although not sponsored by at CyberMummy, I would say, do go and chat to the girls, they are absolutely lovely and when it comes to advice they have some great experts they can connect you with.

Finally and very excitingly, Boden have been extremely good to me and are dressing me for the day.  I know!!!!  No more dilemmas as to what to wear – as who can deny, it’s been a hot topic and despite suggestions to go comfy and practical, most of us are on a free pass – no children for a whole day and it’s not even a school night! So no need to wear the old scruffs in case a banana gets squashed into your trouser leg.

I should also mention that I am one of the lucky 11 crowdsourced keynote speakers.  Last year this was my favourite part of the day so I feel very, very important and special – and nervous and unsure and a little terrified.  But above all I really hope that the post I’ll be reading resonates with people and offers a little light at the end of the tunnel.

So, me.

I’m Catherine for those I don’t know – I write here, obviously.  I’m 32 – I only found this out yesterday when my mum corrected me, I thought I was still 31.  Such a shock.

I live in Oxford with my husband (a holiday romance that stuck) and our son, bear who will turn three in August.  He was a month early.  I was in shock for a little while.  I wasn’t quite done nesting.

Away from blogging and a social media habit that gets me into trouble with my other half (his gym habit gets him into trouble with me); I run a small but flourishing consumer PR agency called Publicity Oxford.  Basically what that means is that when I get PR pitches for Baby Genie and don’t read past the first line, it’s a good reminder that my staff and I are good at what we do, because we get great coverage and people generally like us.  It also makes me laugh when I get the ‘I loved reading your website and your daughter is adorable’.

I also like to do a few creative bits but time rarely allows – I used to make cards and jewellery.  I love to cook – 6-7pm is my hour off, in the kitchen creating something nice. I am very partial to a nice glass of Malbec with dinner too.

I also little to potter in the garden, watch action films, go running (this is quite rare but it sounds good), read fashion magazines and eat out at nice places.  I love to shop as well.  Cleaning is a tricky subject for me – I like the house just so but there are far more exciting things in life to be doing other than hoovering.  It took me years to tear myself away from the duster.

I have a lovely group of friends who I always need to make more time to see.

My parents are just down the road and they are hugely supportive and helpful with bear and generally just have good listening ears.

So, that’s me in a bite sized chunk.

I really can’t wait to see old friends – Sian at Mummy Tips and Susan and Susan K Mann especially.

So, see you all on Saturday, I promise not to have a tipple on the train on the way up to calm myself…

Oh and finally if you haven’t been before, my top three tips:

1. Wear a bright colour – we spent a lot of time saying ‘which one is so and so?’ so it really helps people to find you if you can be pointed out easily.  Ridiculous shoes, outrageous head wear or being very drunk can also achieve this.

2. Don’t get too hung up on getting to every workshop you want to – the day goes by as fast as your wedding day so take some time to sit and chat with other bloggers too.  And sit with people you don’t know for lunch.

3. Write yourself some little notes – people to find on Twitter, blogs to read, tips to improve your blog and so on – and try not to spend the day behind your iPhone – it’s great to live blog and tweet but don’t miss out on the day because of it.

Write, am really signing off now.



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  1. I’ll be the extremely drunk one 😉

  2. Great tips! look forward to hearing from you!

    • Thank you, look forward to meeting you x

  3. I’ll be there too so will try to find you to say hello

    • Yey, will be great to meet you!

  4. Yay I can’t wait to see you again. I’ve missed ya x

    • Missed you today lovely ladee, can’t wait for a good catch up! x

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