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June 22, 2011 at 9:36 am | Posted in The Gallery | 22 Comments
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A toughie this week from the lovely Tara at Sticky Fingers and The Gallery.  The theme is three words, inspired by a phone in chat on the Simon Mayo radio show.

Please come true.

Bear knows his own mind now – he knows what he wants and when he wants it.

I’ve also got one big wish that I want to come true this year.

So, please come true.

Skidaddle over to Tara’s place and see the other fantastic entries for this week’s Gallery. Shoo.



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  1. Oh my! That picture is just adorable! And I hope your wish does come true, my lovely xxxx

  2. i can just imagine him repeating over and over “please come true”… and you keep repeating it too – your wish WILL come true!

    • This is one of my favourite pictures of him I think, such focus!

  3. I really, really hope both your wishes come true.

  4. Absolutely adorable!

  5. Oh that is so gorgeous!! What a brilliant picture to get!! I love build a bear, the kids get so excited!!

    • It’s brilliant isn’t it, we didn’t want to leave, it was such fun!

  6. I love this photo so much, it really is the cutest. I hope his wish comes true x

    • Thanks hun and see you at Cybermummy!!

  7. If i squeeze my eyes hard enough it must come true, no? Lovely pic x

    • I remember that feeling as a child don’t you, it’s magical!

  8. Brilliant face and well done for capturing it.
    Hope all wishes in your world come true and soon

    • Credit for the photography actually needs to go my mum!

  9. Really great photo, I love the look on his face! 🙂

    • Classic isn’t it, so lucky to have caught that exact moment!

  10. Best photo I’ve seen all day. Just wonderful – it tugged at my heartstrings. Don’t you just love little kids and all their earnestness? If only us adults could live life that openly and fervently – I resolve to try…

  11. awww! what a cutie pie!

  12. OMG this is the cutest picture ever

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