Win baby gear from the Argos nursery range!

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Right you lucky lot, courtesy of Argos I have some great goodies for you to get your hands on! Simply follow the terms and conditions below to enter!

Bright Starts PlayPlace Baby Gym worth £54.99

  • 4 ways to play: newborn discovery, tummy time play, sitting up play, and crawling.
  • Plush Bee toy plays over 20 engaging tunes, large baby-safe mirror and 5 other engaging toys to delight baby and inspire fun.
  • 8 toy loops for adjusting toy proximity to baby.

Bright Starts Fun on Safari Portable Baby Swing worth £54.99

  • Suitable for babies up to 11kg.
  • Volume control.
  • Toy bar.
  • 6 swing speeds swing.
  • Multi position seat.
  • Support strap.
  • Non-slip feet.
So good luck, get entering! And thank you to Argos who have provided the two great prizes from part of their nursery range (they also offer a wide range of nursery furniture and bedding).

Terms and Conditions:

* To enter leave a comment saying if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ for anything in the world, what would it be?  I’d say a hammock to swing under a tree in the garden with the 30 degree weather forecast this weekend!

* For brownie points tweet this ‘I want to win Argos goodies at Baby Genie (link to be added)

* Delivery will be within 28 days of Argos receiving the winner’s address, and the competition prizes may vary at the discretion of Argos

* Two winners will be selected using and will receive one prize each.

* The prizes as described will be supplied direct from Argos, and there is no cash alternative.

* Winners will be drawn and announced on 14th July 2011.

I stick to the bloggers with integrity code – I have received a £40 gift voucher in return for running this competition.



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  1. Being pregnant at the moment I would have to say if Argos could “find it, get it” it would have to be my own portable air conditioning! I have my own little built in oven or so it seems and I’m boiling hot whatever the weather! So either the air con or my own swimming pool to laze around in would be great right now!

  2. I’m also pregnant and need noiseless air conditioning! I’m too blooming hot and need some sleep 🙂

  3. Tweeted too @gingberbread_mum

  4. If Argos could find it, get it then it would have to be a self cleaning house. There is not enough time in the day to do all the housework.

  5. Have also tweeted @charliechinuk

  6. If Argos could find it, get it, would be for my little 6 week old to sleep. But a material item Washing machine that dried and ironed clothes for me to

  7. I have tweeted too @innocentcharmer
    thanks for a great giveaway x

  8. if argos could find it and get it then i’d love to have some patience lol i have a chronic illness requiring heavy meds and me and my hubby have had to come off them to try for a baby , we have to wait 6 long months lol we have just under 2 left ….its getting on my nerves ….argos find me some please ….but if i cant have that i’ll settle for one of these gorgeous babba prizes for our arrival when it happens 🙂

  9. i have tweeted @bubbalovesblog x

  10. id love a tumble dryer that actually makes the clothes come out ironed lol …………..but it isnt going to happen lol

  11. if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ I would have a lovely picnic, made and ready to go to enjoy the sunshine with!

  12. Have tweeted as well

  13. I’d love a robot to do all the cleaning! 🙂

  14. If Argos could ‘find it, get it’ it would have to be a extra hours in the day so that i can enjoy more time with my beautiful babies and have at least 6 hours slepp at night!

  15. tweeted also x @french_caroline

  16. I would like to win something that keeps me cool without making any noise.

  17. Hmmm, if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ then I would love to get a family style hammock for my hubby, toddler and myself to chill in – preferably one that doesnt require two trees to hold it up!

  18. If Argos could ‘find it. get it’ I’d love a VW campervan filled with my best friends to whisk us off for a weekend away at a Music Festival together – hubby and child free!

  19. if Argos could ‘find it. get it I would have a on off switch for the children

  20. If Argos could ‘find it, get it’ then I would love a housework fairy please!!! I seem to spend my whole life cleaning only for it to get messed up again 5 mins later lol

  21. If Argo could invent mechanical arms so I could attach a few that would be great!!! I am a single mum to 6 children under 7 (including triplets) and I am always on the go! The extra arms would have been great when the triplets were little, especially when they were ALL needing fed at the same time (my elder son was 9 months old when they were born so really I had 4 babies all at once!). You wouldn’t believe I am a size 0 – even smaller than I was before my 6 children and 3 c-sections and 1 natural birth! There are not too many helpful items for mum’s of multiples out there!

    Thanks for a fab comp – my youngest daughter would adore this swing! Everything she has has been passed down from her older 4 brothers and 1 older sister. It would be lovely to give her something new!

  22. I am tweeting as @TracyNixon xxx

  23. if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ I would get another one of me so I could be in two places at any one time.

  24. My dream would be that if Argos could ‘find it ,get it’ I would recieve an oven that cooked perfect meals every time, then cleaned itself whilst humming soothing sounds lol !!! (can you tell cooking stresses me out grrrrrr??)

    Have tweeted as Ladycitaj xx

  25. My daughter is expecting twins, so fingers crossed for a win.

    • Don’t forgot to say what you would want Argos to find it get it for you to qualify!

  26. For me if Argos could ‘find it, get it’ it would be a new pair of legs as mine are getting far too injury prone for chasing my son around

  27. I would love it if Argos ‘find it, get it’ could air conditioned train as I am nearly 9 months pregnant and the heat on the trains is draining me

  28. if argos could find it, get it i would like a magic money tree please so i would always have a supply of money ready to spend. i have tweeted this comp @mike4bev

  29. If Argos could find it. Get it. It would be some sort of portable baby bouncer. One that maybe hangs from a frame and doesnt need a door to hook it onto. It would be less bulky than a jumperoo.

  30. If Argos could find it and get it….. it’d have to be a oven where my food never got burnt ( it happens occasionally, oh the shame) and my cakes would never ever sink in the middle. Even recipes i’ve done about 60 times occasionally sink or just go all funny on me.

  31. Tweeted @angeldaisy2002

  32. if Argos could ‘find it ,get it’ I would love them to give me the perfect relaxing break ..

  33. If Argos could ‘find it. get it’…I would love a floor and walls that cleaned themselves as I’ve just stared baby led weanimg!!!

  34. If Argos could find it, get it then it would have to be A BRAND NEW SELF CLEANING OVEN 🙂

  35. If Argos could ‘find it, get it’. It would have to be a cure for morning sickness – 16 weeks still going strong!

  36. If Argos could find it get it, it would be that cleaning skeleton maid off the sims (Maybe not a skeleton) but a cupboard in my house that I could knock on whenever I wanted and out would pop some one to tidy up then just go back in!!

  37. My babies had one of these and they are so great for stimulating babies. I would love to win one for my best mates little one she due to have in the next 2 days xx

  38. If Argos could “find it, get it” I’d love a see through window in my daughter’s tummy to watch a tiny miracle grow…..

  39. If Argos could find it get it, it would be the lottery fairy

  40. I’m with a lot of others on here. Air conditioning would be fab as I’m pregnant & seriously hot!! I’d even settle for a fan 😉

  41. Also tweeted – @MrsD_Winchester

    Thanks, fab comp 🙂

  42. Would love these for my grandchild – due 7th August 2011

  43. This would be great

  44. This would be a fab gift for my first grandchild that is due in early September. My daughter was very ill when she was young and they thought she was infertile so this baby will be so extra special.

  45. If Argos could find it, get it I would love a range of clothes that stay clean. So when I go out I wouldn’t have sick/snot on my shoulder.

  46. If Argos could find it, get it I would like a money growing tree, who knew babies would be so expensive!!!

  47. Have tweeted @sionwilliamse but not sure if the link is right…)

  48. If argos could find some amazing garden knomes that would make the garden all pretty and tidy with lots of beautiful flowers and toys for the kids.

  49. I would love to have something that is the opposite of a microwave, to cool food or a drink super quick, for the childrens meals when they’ve just been cooked as they are so eager to eat it but its always too hot for them


  51. If Argos could find it and get it… a real time stop watch so I could get everything done that I needed to


  52. I have tweeted


  53. If Argos could find it, get it then it would have to be a giant golden unicorn that could tracel through time that would fit my wife and children inside in relative luxury so we could have amazing family holidays together….

  54. If argos could find me some 34 hour days that would be lovely thank you.

  55. I would love a large baby outdoor playpen,like a enclosed rabbit run but for children so he can play safe in one chosen area lol

  56. I have tweeted also from @v82chris for your fab comp x

  57. I also vote for silent air con – 9 mths pregnant and heat are not a good combo 😦

  58. a robot to do the ironing

  59. if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ I would like to have two husband-one gets income and other one does house work or looks after children. At the moment I split myself three for those above everyday- non stop!!!

  60. If I could ask Argos to ‘Find it. Get it’ for me, it would be a lie-in on a Saturday morning.

    What page is that on? 😉 xx

  61. My sister is pregnant for the 1st time and i would love to give her this

  62. If Argos could find it,get it I’d ask for a trip to Eurodisney via the Eurostar with my family.Seeing the kids faces would be worth so much to me.

  63. tweeted as @n76seary

  64. I’d buy more hours in the day so that I could spend more time with my baby great nephew, he’s a real sweetie!

  65. If Argos could find it I would love a magic spell that would make children tidy up their rooms – so Argos, please find!!

  66. nice weather for our family holiday in a few weeks time!

  67. i have tweeted as @ashlallan too

  68. I’d wish for a grear summer and a few pounds to spend with the children.

  69. I’ve tweeted! (@pandcands)

  70. If Argos could ‘find me a husband with a sense of humor when driving please find it and get it!!!!!!

    Tweeted @chrriss

  71. Tweeted as @chrriss88 for extra brownie points LOL I loved the brownies and thats taking me back 50 years

  72. I really need at least 2 extra hours during the day only for me!

  73. Have tweeted @anna8301

  74. If Argos could find it get it – it would be a robot who can help around the house tidy the toddlers bedroom and help out with the newborn if it could cook to be a great help 😉

  75. Tweeted @baile1kim1

    great prize just what our houshold needs for the newborn

  76. If Argos could find it and get it….. a moving walkway that unfolds lie the yellow bric road and gets me straight thriough my shopping list with absolutely no distractions on the way. My hubby says that I am a marketing managers dream!

  77. I tweeted @kohsamuirosie

  78. if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ for anything in the world, it would be an extra 3 hours in every day so I can get everything done!

  79. If Argos could find it and get it….i would have a house full of luxury deep pile carpets that were stain resistant and cleaned themselves. Kids and carpets do not go together at all. 🙂

  80. I have tweeted and added a link to your competition because there isn’t one to copy. See my tweet and profile here:!/xxfluffywhitexx

  81. if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ i would like the winning euro lottery ticket please 😉

    @kiki_725 on twitter

  82. tweeted and following on twitter

  83. I would love it if Argos could Find it and get it, I would love instant hair and make-up would save myself so much time every day but still look great.


  84. I have tweeted too @daisyangel1

  85. I would love it if Argos could find and get for me a device that did actually stop the neighbourhood cats from fighting outside my house in the middle of the night and pooping on my lovely grass!

  86. I have tweeted too

  87. If Argos could find it get it, I would love a bottomless bank account and a housekeeper to sort out the chaos in my house ready for the arrival of my second child!

  88. A kidney for my new Grandson due in November. We have been told he only has one.

  89. If Argos could find it…get it for me it would have to be a baby-shower planner….just organising one for my daughter who is expecting my first grand-child in September and want to make it extra extra special for her 🙂

  90. if Argos could ‘find it. get it’ it would have to be a robot that does all the things i don’t want to do.

  91. Tweeted @chloe1705

  92. If Argos could ‘find it. get it’, I’d love a range of toys that walked themselves to the toybox.

  93. if argos could ‘find it, get it’ it would certianly have to be a few more hours in the day.. to enjoy this gorgeous weather! 🙂
    tweeted via @MissChloeHogben

  94. If Argos could ‘find it, get it’, id ask them to find my blog to show you in the hopes that id win which would give my gorgeous litlle 8 week old sone a bright start 🙂

  95. If Argos could ‘find it, get it’ I would ask for a time machine so I turn back time and spend just a little longer with my darling mum who passed away 20 years ago when I was just 5. 😦

  96. If Argos could find it, get it, I would like a teleporter. The whole day I seem to be rushing from one place to another. Cutting out travel would free up so much of my time.

  97. If Argos could “find it, get it”, I’d love an entire wardrobe of clothes that were taylor made for me.

  98. find it get it – play it! my lil 2mths old son would love to try it!

  99. If Argos could find it and get it “it would be nursery furniture (maybe a bed) in the form of a car, which simulates the feeling of being in the car, as every time i take my son out he falls asleep in the car (when i don’t want him to) then when we are at home – do you think he will go to sleep, oh no, but a drive in the car soon has him off, then we have to sneak back in trying not to wake him to put him into bed. I don’t know why someone hasn’t invented it yet !!!

  100. If argos could find it get it, i would have longer weekends to spend with my family

  101. If argos could find it get it, I would like a robot to help me iron and make beds. I hate those jobs.

  102. I have tweeted


  103. If Argos could find it, get it I’d like a house that expands with no need for builders!

  104. If Argos could find it, I’d like a husband that would put my bathroom shelves up. They’ve been collecting dust for two years

  105. If Argos could find it, get it I would like to spend more time with my family.I need it very much.
    I would like to win for my baby

    @marzutek on twitter

  106. i have tweeted as @marzutek

  107. If Argos could find it, get it, it would be a definative date for going into labour! I’m due today but no signs 😦 I’m @pipersky1 on Twitter 🙂

  108. If Argos could ‘find it. get it’ I’d like to be whisked away for a luxury weekend this weekend……please.

  109. Congratulations to Caroline French and Brenda Cairns our two winners! I’ll email you now!

  110. if agros could find it, get it i would like a full time stable job since those seem to not be around!!!

    • Hi there, I’m really sorry but this competition closed a few months ago!

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